5 NOV 2021

Eric Garnet: "'Simon' has been identified as a great property by kids and parents"

GO-N Productions has developed four seasons of the hit kids brand "Simon". With new episodes, the French company wants not only to stay on air with "Simon Super Rabbit", but also to move into the licensing and merchandising world. Eric Garnet, president of GO-N Productions, explains this strategy to Señal News.


Eric Garnet, President of GO-N Productions


Animated hit series "Simon" continues its international path. The first three seasons were sold worldwide and currently GO-N Productions is promoting the four and new season "Simon Super Rabbit". "We focus on children's imagination, and creativity", commented Eric Garnet, president of GO-N Productions. This new season explores the rich imaginary world of Simon and his friends when they play at being superheroes. "'Simon' has been identified as a great property by kids and their parents, and now with 'Simon Super Rabbit', we want to be the cutest and funniest superhero show for preschoolers," he added.

"Simon" was launched last year on Tiny Pop in the U.K. where it became very popular, also it was aired in Scandinavia where it's in the top three shows and in France, it's number one on the app and on France TV. "It's a really big success on TV and on the digital world. We have many channels on YouTube, over 2 billion views and more than 5.5 million subscribers", affirmed Garnet. GO-Productions also launched Simon-themed GIFs that have totalled more than 1.8 billion views. "It’s a good indication of the popularity. So our next step is not only to stay on air on with 'Simon Super Rabbit', but also to move into a world of licensing and merchandising," he anticipated.

Future plans

GO-N Productions wants to expand "Simon" to the next level and recently has acquired the rights of "Mortelle Adele", the number one French publishing property.  The publisher sold over 8.5 million books, but four millions in the past year, and it's a growing phenomenon. "It's a really incredible character, a strong-minded and self affirmation of a young  very funny girl. She's becoming a role model for lots of kids in France", said Garnet. "This is going to be a great challenge to develop it, and we will announce soon partnership with a French TV, and then to take it to the rest of the world", he added.

Furthermore, GO-N Productions is also developing other shows but this time, directly with the platforms. "It's another approach of our business, a different way to finance, to develop creatively, and it's very interesting", he concluded.

By Romina Rodríguez and Karla Flores