18 MAR 2020


The children's channel of Somos TV welcomes you to spring with safe, recognized and commercial-free programming.

18 MAR 2020

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Semillitas has launched an educational and violence-free program while the little ones remain at home due to the expansion of the coronavirus. "Many families have had to adapt their schedules and plan new activities at home with their children while they return back to their schools. During these times, Semillitas’ goal is to help parents by giving them the peace of mind that their little ones are getting an educational and violence-free programming throughout the day." the channel explained.

Starting March 21, Semillitas prepares its schedule for the arrival of spring with clips and interstitials adapted to the season. With in-house pieces focused on educational videos that show the care for the planet earth. The channel has always been characterized by combining entertainment and education in a way that is appropriate for boys and girls up to preschool age, and without inappropriate commercial breaks.

The branded animation, modern and didactic, is what makes Semillitas stand out from other channels. Programs like “Little People”, “Doozers”, “Monster Math Squad”, “Angellina Ballerina”, “Bob the Builder” and “Fireman Sam” interactively stimulate the development of basic skills, and they are not simply passive entertainment.

These contents and adaptations are within the Semillitas’ mission of presenting the best children's content in Spanish and supporting parents in preserving important values ​​and traditions during the growth and development of their children.