9 NOV 2020


In November, the exclusive, commercial-free 24-hour cinema channel, owned by Somos TV, will show recognized original films from the Dominican Republic, Peru, Spain, Argentina and Bolivia.

9 NOV 2020

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This November, ViendoMovies offers its subscribers in the United States and Puerto Rico a set of great Ibero-American premieres exclusive to the channel with a diverse cinema in its origin, representative of the cinema produced in Spanish today and the diversity of genres it produces. (dramas, comedies, etc).

As the main premiere, ViendoMovies presents the Spanish film "La Niebla y la Doncella". Nominated at the Malaga Festival for best Spanish film, the drama stars Guim Gutierrez, Aura Garrido and Roberto Alamo and tells the story of the murder of a young man. The first suspect is a powerful politician who was acquitted by a court despite the apparent evidence of the first investigations. A sergeant and his will find the culprit with political pressure and without raising suspicions of reopening a case that his colleagues considered closed. Another important premiere is "El Projeccionista" (Dominican Republic). A lonely man in charge of a projector consoles himself with a woman he watches on a roll of celluloid. When the roll is lost, the man decides to go looking for the woman in the most depressed places in the Dominican Republic. Dominican cinema is especially appreciated by the Latin market (this community is very important in the market) and this film was selected by the Dominican Academy to compete for the Oscar for Best International Film in 2019.

The channel also presmiers two comedies "Amigos en Apuros" (Peru) and y "Los Últimos Románticos" (Argentina). In "Amigos en Apuros", Fico reencounters Manolo, an old friend from school, at a party. Manolo is escaping from a mob that is chasing him, and to take refuge in the splendid house of his friend, he feigns a strange illness which will start a series of crazy entanglements and alter everyone's lives. Nominated for best original music at the South Awards, "Los Últimos Románticos" presents two great friends who live in a small coastal town and export illegally, their lives will change forever, especially with the arrival of the new chief of police.

Other unmissable premieres are "La Banda" (Spain) and "El Río" (Bolivia), a film with a great photograph, where the theme of machismo is explored.

To end the month of Novembre, ViendoMovies also plans a celebration on Thanksgiving Day, a date that is already part of the celebrations of Hispanics residing in the United States, with a series of films that go along with this date.