20 AUG 2020


The film, nominated for 11 international awards and winner of 7 awards, will premiere this Saturday, August 22 at 9 p.m. ET.


ViendoMovies, the commercial free channel owned by SomosTV featuring exclusive movies, originally produced in Spanish, premieres this Saturday August 22 the original movie "La Familia".

As his first film, "La Familia" is directed and written by the Venezuelan director Gustavo Rondón. The movie was one of the winners at the Miami Film Festival 2018 and the Latin American Festival in Lima; and was nominated at the Mar del Plata, Cannes, San Sebastián festivals and at the Platinum Awards, among others.

The film tells the story of Andrés and his 12-year-old son Pedro, who live together in a marginal area of Caracas, but hardly see each other. Andrés works all day while Pedro plays on the dangerous streets of his neighborhood. Adversity forces them to undertake a new journey where they will learn from coexistence.

The movie is accompanied by other premieres: "A Punto de Llegar" (Puerto Rico), "Aquí y Ahora" (Costa Rica) and "Vitoria: 3 de Marzo" (Spain). Every Sunday of the month of August -at 9 Pm EST- the Suárez-Zurita cycle is presented, with some of the great successes of the renowned Mexican actors Cecilia Suárez and Sebastián Zurita.

ViendoMovies offers its subscribers, in both the United States and Puerto Rico, a varied and contemporary programming, representative of the quality and style of cinema produced in Spanish.