16 SEP 2020


On the day of El Grito, it offers continuous programming with 100% Mexican content; while from today until October 15, it will present a special and exclusive programming of high-profile Hispanic films.

16 SEP 2020

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ViendoMovies, the channel owned by SomosTV, celebrates the independence of Mexico today, September 16, offering continuous programming with 100% Mexican content so that its audience in the United States and Puerto Rico can enjoy and appreciate the heritage and heritage of Mexican culture and the good performances of its artists. Among the featured films are "The great promise", "Campeones México Sub 17" and "Yo soy no guerrillero". It also joins the Hispanic Heritage Month celebrations with a special and exclusive programming of high-profile Hispanic films.

The channel confirms its strategy of celebrating the festivities of the Hispanics communities that reside in the United States, as well as other nationalities. This is one of the main aspects that emphasizes the cultural relevance of the channel and its content.

"La Gran Promesa" is a Mexican drama that tells the story of Sergio (Juan Manuel Bernal), a photographer who takes a great picture while in war, but for this reason he is late to the birth of his daughter (Sofía Espinosa) where his fiancée dies. His wife's ex-husband takes away his daughter with a legal trick and Sergio chooses to take her away. He ends up giving his daughter to his best friends so she does not live a fugitive life. He won't see her again for 23 years. This is the story of their first meeting.

"Campeones México Sub 17" is another drama that the channel presents with a special meaning since it is based on real events. This is the story of a coach and his 21 players under the age of 17 who brought the first Soccer World Cup to Mexico. The plot goes beyond the soccer fields showing us the adventures and sacrifices the team had to pass through on their way to achieve their victory.

For its part, the comedy "Yo No Soy Guerrillero" takes place in 1969, a time when students are the public enemy. Mitch (Luis Arrieta) is a wealthy student from Monterrey who hijacks a plane to get Beatriz (Carla Nieto), the love of his life who has been missing by the police for six months. Along with his friends, Mitch will have to face the most bloodthirsty General in the army and force him to free her. The film is entertaining and at the same time presents situations that are still valid in our society and lead to the viewer’s reflection.

The Hispanic Heritage Month

The Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated thanks to President Lyndon B. Johnson, who in 1968 recognized the importance of honoring the contributions of the Hispanic community for the growth and development of the United States, and dictated the week of September 15 to recognize these contributions. ViendoMovies, within its strategy of celebrating Hispanic festivities, joins this celebration.

Throughout the days of celebration, the channel premieres a valuable selection of representative films from Spanish-speaking countries. Among the exclusive premieres are Veneno (Dominican Republic), Sin Rodeos (Spain), Marilyn (Argentina), Reinos (Chile), El Techo (Cuba), La Hermandad (Spain) y Acusada (Argentina).