1 APR 2020


The premieres that the channel presents for this month will entertain its audience with a variety of genres: musicals, comedy, action and lots of drama.

1 APR 2020

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ViendoMovies, the channel owned by Somos TV, which programs the best exclusive films originally produced in Spanish, 24 hours a day and without commercial breaks, premiers this April an exclusive programing dedicated to these times when watching television at home has increased. The premieres that the channel presents for this month will entertain its audience with a variety of genres: musicals, comedy, action and lots of drama.

"Asfixia" (Mexico) is the story of Alma, an albino woman, who after leaving prison she decides to regain something far more important than her own freedom. Alma watches over Clemente, an older woman, at night. The relationship between them will go from doubt and fear to tenderness and love. The movie has won various awards for Best Film and Best Actress at the 34th Latin American Film Festival in Trieste. It was also awarded at the Morelia Festival, with the category of Best Actor. In addition, it was chosen for the official selection of feature films at the Havana Festival and for the 16th edition of the Morelia International Film Festival.

Nominated to 4 international awards, including the Platino Awards, ViendoMovies presets "Los Buscadores" (Paraguay). This comedy filled with adventure narrates the story of Manu, a young boy who receives a book from his grandfather that hides a map of a treasure that was hidden at the time of the War of the Triple Alliance. Together with his friends, he decides to follow the clues and search for this treasure, the problem appears when its location can be the basement of an embassy.

"Voy Por Ti", directed by Carmen La Roche and produced by Somos Films, is a Venezuelan movie that explains the life of a group of adolescents, their sexual awakening and the social pressure they pass through in this era of cell phones and social network. The film participated with great acceptance in the Miami Film Festival and is in a period of premieres in theaters around Latin America.

From Spain the channel premiers the stellar production "La Llamada", a musical comedy starring by the great actresses Macarena García, Anna Castillo and Belén Cuesta. Two rebellious teenagers meet at the religious camp that they go to every summer. They both like modern music, but the amazing appearances of God to the girls will begin to change their lives. The film obtained 15 nominations among the Goya, Feroz, Gaudí and Platinum awards.

Other premieres that the channel present are: "Una especie de familia" (Argentina), "En Las Estrellas" (Spain), "Juanita" (Dominican Republic) y "Te Esperaré" (Argentina).

As a movie cycle, ViendoMovies presents the Christian Meier Cycle. The popular Latin American actor demonstrates his talent in this collection of hit movies. Every Sunday of the month, the followers of this Peruvian star will be able to enjoy "Asu Mare 2", "All men are equal" and "Magellan".

Starting the first Sunday of April, ViendoMovies presents "¡Asu Mare! 2", his is the sequel to the movie "¡Asu Mare!" Along with Carlos Alcantara and Emilia Drago the film takes place in the mid-nineties. Cachín has a stable job and he is almost happy with his life, he just needs to win over Emilia’s heart. However, there’s the presence of Ricky (Christian Meier), a rich handsome man who will put him through hell in his pursuit of Emilia.

ViendoMovies also presents "Todos Los Hombres Son Iguales", a comedy takes three men on trip to Dominican Republic where they meet each other. The three are in the process of divorce and once in the island, they decide to move in together and establishing rules of coexistence “macho style.”

For the third week, the channel shows "Magallanes", the movie was nominated for 16 awards including the Goya, the Platinum, the Phoenix and the San Sebastián Awards. The dramatic story of the life of Magallanes (Damián Alcázar) turns upside down the day that Celina (Magaly Solier), a woman he met in the violent years when he was a soldier in the Peruvian Army and fought against the Shining Path, climbs onto his taxi in the street of Lima. This unexpected reunion after 25 years with the dark past that unites them, will prompt Magallanes to embark on a risky plan to try to help Celina to get money, and at the same time perhaps find a way to redeem himself for the past.