26 NOV 2021

Amazon Prime Video continues to boost the Premier League’s reach

Ampere Analysis reported that those with access to live coverage of the English Premier League at home has increased from 72% of UK fans to 80% in 2021.


In the third quarter of 2019, Ampere Analysis reported that the reach of live English Premier League coverage had increased to nearly three-quarters of domestic fans as Amazon Prime Video acquired rights to 24 matches per season. Two years later, those with access to live coverage at home has increased from 72% of UK fans to 80%.

As stadiums, pubs and bars closed their doors due to the Covid-19 pandemic, at-home viewing became the only option for fans and it seems that they have adapted to watching matches from their sofas. Following the reopening of pubs and bars, just 4% of fans reported having no at-home access but regularly going out to watch on big screens, compared to 8% in the third quarter of 2019.

UK football fans have also not been put off by having to pay for a third platform to watch all of their team’s matches. The proportion who have access to all three of BT Sport, Sky Sports and Amazon Prime Video has increased, largely driven by an increase in Amazon subscriptions.

Reported Amazon subscriptions have increased by 30% from Q3 2019 among UK consumers overall, increasing to 42% among EPL fans. This suggests that while its TV and movie content is driving signups, Amazon’s Premier League coverage is an extra draw for those looking for match coverage. Those who can access live match coverage only via Amazon Prime now represent the largest proportion of EPL fans.

“Overall, in a time where lockdowns have posed a challenge to live sport viewing, Amazon’s rights continue to ensure that the vast majority of UK-based football fans are able to watch their favorite teams from home,”  commented Annabel Yeomans, Senior Analyst at Ampere Analysis and the author of the report.