14 ENE 2020


"Hercai" is the highest rated series on Friday primetime in Turkey, now it make its mark in Chile.


"Hercai" is licensed to more than 9 countries including Chile in LatAm; Chile become the first LatAm country to broadcast the title.

On the very first episode of "Hercai", there was a scene that shaped around a swing; TVN set a swing at the garden of the channel to
build that atmosphere in Chile. Fans of "Hercai" very enjoyed the swing with visiting the channel and sharing the pictures they took.

Moreover, Hercai’s high rating success to be on the top of ratings in Turkey continues with beating a new record in Chile. On Dec. 24th; "Hercai" took the first place in Chile and reached its highest rating (%10.1) on TVN prime time while the closest competitor MEGA gets %9.8 rating.