12 MAY 2021


A team of black screenwriters based in Brazil to develop an inclusive multiethnic representation in content.


VIS, a division of ViacomCBS, announced today the launch of 'Narrativas Negras' (Black Narratives), a writing room of Black writers dedicated to developing representative and inclusive content for Viacom International Studios. The talented team of authors based in Brazil will be led by Marton Olympio and includes the collaboration of Renata Diniz, Eliana Alves Cruz, Estevão Ribeiro, and Lidiane Oliveira. Together they will develop projects in different genres to include series, fiction, and films. In addition, they will serve as diversity and inclusion consultants, providing valuable insights that align with the market's evolving demands. Last November, ViacomCBS International Studios announced that 25% of its budget in Latin America would be invested in creating and developing BIPOC (black, indigenous, and person of color) content.

"For us to be successful, it's important that the content we develop speaks to and attracts the different viewers that are out there. We especially want to raise those voices and highlight stories that are not well represented in media," said Federico Cuervo, SVP, Head of VIS Americas. "Black Narratives is an important first step; however, it only marks the beginning of our efforts to create more diverse content that represents cultures worldwide. This initiative is starting in Brazil but will be replicated in other regions to enrich our product offering with different perspectives that identify with other ethnicities and groups."

"Writers are storytellers," said Marton Olympio, Director of Narrativas Negras. "We are extremely excited to be a part of this project and be able to share our stories, important stories that need to be told, all over the world."

In Brazil, VIS also participates in different festivals and local talent gatherings to develop new stories that elevate the value of diversity and inclusion.

In Latin America and around the world, ViacomCBS is committed to having a diverse workforce both in front of and behind the camera that reflects the communities where their people live and work and the audiences. ViacomCBS is also dedicated to creating an inclusive and equitable work environment where all employees can feel valued and heard and encouraged to do their best every day.