Acamar films closes deals for "Bing" live shows in the Netherlands and Poland

Trend Media will be responsible for the "Bing" theatre show in the Netherlands until 2028 and Good Walk will tour the Polish version of Bing's Birthday across Poland from November 2023.

28 JUL 2023

"Bing’s Birthday"

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Acamar Films has signed an extension agreement with Dutch theatre partner Trend Media, who will be responsible for the "Bing" theatre show in the Netherlands until 2028. The company has also signed a new agreement with Polish children’s theatre specialist, Good Walk, to bring Bing live theatre show, "Bing’s Birthday", featuring beautiful handmade puppets, to venues across Poland.

“'Bing' delights children from the stage just as much as on the screen and these partnerships illustrate the strong performance of Bing as a theatrical property,” said Kirsty Southgate, Director of Experiential and Promotions, Acamar Films. “Trend Media has successfully developed a top-performing theatrical show in the Netherlands, and we are all thrilled for Good Walk to bring the Bing live show to Poland for the very first time.”

“Bing is jarig is a phenomenon in the Netherlands. We’ve seen children in Bing clothing, carrying Bing toys, wide-eyed in the theatre as they watch their favourite characters on stage. They are fully engaged in the production, screaming in delight when they first see Bing and watching rapt for the whole performance,” said Gert-Jan van den Ende, Co-owner, Trend Media. “The Bing theatre experience really is one for all ages and is a real event for the whole family. We are so excited to continue to bring Bing to Dutch theatre audiences and look forward to growing our partnership with Acamar Films.”

Trend Media are developing a new Bing theatre show in partnership with Acamar Films set to launch from October 2024 with a third new production being planned for October 2026. On the other hand, Good Walk will tour the Polish version of Bing's Birthday (Bing na Żywo: Wielkie Urodziny) across Poland from November 2023 until at least December 2025.

“Polish audiences are going to love 'Bing na Żywo: Wielkie Urodziny'. Not only is there already a huge fanbase for Bing in the country with families excited about any new way to experience the property, but this production will be the first of its kind in Poland, a children's live show based on a popular IP featuring puppets. The craftsmanship and creativity that has gone into Bing na Żywo is something very special and we know that the show will be appreciated by Polish audiences whatever their age,” said Monika Klonowska, Senior Project Manager, Good Walk.