6 JUN 2023

Banijay’s reality “The Fifty” to be adapted by Telemundo for the US Hispanic market

Banijay announced that “The Fifty” will be adapted for the US Hispanic market. “Los 50” will be produced by EndemolShine Boomdog, part of Banijay Americas, for Telemundo.

6 JUN 2023

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Banijay announced that “The Fifty” (Les Cinquante) will be adapted for the US Hispanic market. Produced by EndemolShine Boomdog, part of Banijay Americas, for Telemundo, “Los 50” will be the first international version of the reality competition created by Banijay Productions France.

In the US Hispanic version, stars will live together in an exotic mansion while competing against each other in a relentless and unpredictable game. As they face challenges posed by the masked game master, they will have to make alliances and develop strategies to avoid elimination. With each game, they play in the hopes of adding money to the grand prize which can total up to US$400.000. In the end, only one player will walk away with the cash and, in a first for Telemundo, one fan of the show will also win a part of the prize pot.

Alejandro Rincón, CEO at EndemolShine Boomdog, said: “It is the perfect time to produce ‘The Fifty’ for the US Hispanic market as it entertains and taps into the desire for psychological gameshows, as well as connecting celebrities and their fans. We are excited to be the first country to add our local twist to this innovative IP.”

Lucas Green, Chief Content Officer, Operations at Banijay, added: “It is fantastic to mark the very first international version of ‘The Fifty’ with EndemolShine Boomdog. Producing an adaptation which is sure to have audiences of all ages on the edge of their seats, it is interactive, full of twists and a testament to the creativity within Banijay. We firmly believe this is just the start for the reality competition format, which was initially supported off-the-ground by our global Creative Fund.”

Created in 2022 by Banijay Productions France for W9, the show not only improved the channel's ratings by 48% but also became its best premiere since 2016, and the most watched programme on streamer 6 Play.