Be-Entertainment's “The Musical of Your Life” will have a second season in Belgium

After the success of the first series, Play 4 commissioned a second series that is currently in production and others nine production deals had been closed.

1 JUL 2022

"The Musical of Your Life"

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"The Musical of Your Life", the musical entertainment show created and produced by Dedsit and distributed by Be-Entertainment already won the hearts of Belgian audiences during its first run on Play4 last Winter. After the success of the first series, Play4 commissioned a second series that is currently in production.

The first season of the show recently aired on Play4 in Belgium, scoring spectacular ratings, positive reviews and an average market share of 35.7% (18-54, +7), a phenomenal increase of almost 200% against the channel average market share in the key target.

Likewise, it has been closed nine production deals for the program in Italy, Spain, and Australia, amongst other territories. In Italy, Blu Yazmine is representing the the musical entertainment format in the country

Each episode of the show pays tribute to a celebrity, someone beloved and admired by the entire nation. The celebrity is invited to a theater to join the host for a unique up-close and personal interview about all the key moments of their life.

Five of the celebrity’s most memorable moments are turned into moving musical scenes beautifully performed on stage. Moments from their childhood, their adolescence, a first love, unforgettable friendships and career breakthroughs. All developed and created especially to celebrate them. After each scene, the celebrity reflects on those important moments. The format treats viewers to a personal feel-good show full of surprises and emotions.