FilmSharks' The Remake Company reaches global remake deals for several titles

The company has sold the remake rights to producers in Italy, India, Israel, México, Spain and Portugal for multiple South American films.

20 SEP 2022

"Ghosting Gloria"

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FilmSharks' subsidiary The Remake Company has closed a remake deal with Italy’s Marco Belardi and his new label Bamboo Production for Ariel Winograd’s latest film “Today We Fix the World” (“Hoy se Arregla el Mundo”). Produced by Patagonik, the family dramedy was picked up by Netflix for several key territories after its theatrical release by Disney’s Star early this year. "Mexico’s BH5 has also acquired the remake rights and is about to produce its version while talks are underway with Korean and French companies", said FilmSharks founder and CEO, Guido Rud.

In another development, The Remake Company clinched an Indian remake rights deal with Indian-American producer Shyam Madiraju of Germ to dramedy “Widows” (“Viudas”) by Marcos Carnevale. French, Japanese and Korean remake rights talks to “Widows” are underway now. “The remake market continues to be very active but people are demanding more radically innovative and high concept story ideas that break the mould,” observed Rud.

The company has also snagged the remake rights to dark horror comedies “Rabies” and “Big Bad Wolves” by Israeli filmmakers Aharon Keshales (“South of Heaven”) and Navot Papushado (“Gunpowder Milkshake”), produced by Israel’s leading production company, UCM Films. "The most popular genres for remakes are comedies, social parodies like 'Parasite' and 'Nosotros los Nobles,' horror and thrillers with good twists,” said Rud.

The Remake Co. has struck deals on Uruguayan fantasy romantic comedy "Ghosting Gloria" ("Muerto Con Gloria") and Argentinian erotic comedy "2+2" (Dos Mas Dos). Spanish remake rights on "Ghosting Gloria" have gone to Igancio G. Cucucovich’s Mother Superior Films. Nacho Alvarez ("My Heart Goes Boom!") will direct the remake and Marcela Matta and Mauro Sarser co-directed. FilmSharks head Guido Rud is in talks for "Ghosting Gloria" remakes in the UK, Mexico, South Korea, and Italy.

The company has also licensed stage play rights on Patagonik’s 2012 Argentinian box office smash "2+ 2" to Portuguese theatre company Somos Forca de Producao. Diego Kaplan’s film centres on a swingers couple who want to jump into bed with their best friends. Stage play versions of the feature have already rolled out in Madrid, Mexico and Buenos Aires. Rud is in talks for further deals in the US, Germany, South Korea, Japan and France.