FilmSharks to represent global sales to "The Forgotten Killings"

The period thriller directed by Inés París is produced by José Luis Rancaño from La Dalia Films and starring by Spanish actors María Caballero and Morgan Blasco.


"The Forgotten Killings"


FilmSharks has acquired worldwide sales rights to Spanish period thriller “Olvido” (“The Forgotten Killings”) written by Fermín P. Pina, produced by José Luis Rancaño's La Dalia Films and directed by Inés París (“A mi madre le gustan las mujeres,” “La noche que mi madre mató a mi padre”).

In post-production, “The Forgotten Killings” is set in the Mediterranean city of Valencia in Oct. 1957. After the Turia River overflows its banks, journalist Olvido Granell and police sergeant Fermín Capilliure investigate the appearance of six bodies. But the bodies, which have not been victims of the fury of the river, appear with strange scars that point to a dark conspiracy.

When the bodies disappear from the morgue, Granell and Caplliure embark on the pursuit of a serial killer with an unsuspected motivation.

Spanish actors María Caballero (“Alma” and “La noche más larga,”) and Morgan Blasco (“Fishbone,” “27 minutos”) play key roles in “The Forgotten Killings.”

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