Globo achieved great international results in 2021

In a year of consolidation of the new business strategy, the largest content producer in Latin America released several products and had big hits around the world.

13 JAN 2022

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Globo reinforces its position as the largest audiovisual content producer in Latin America with great results achieved throughout 2021. During the year, the company released over 10 audiovisual products for the international market and reinforced its relevance in several territories based on strategic partnerships and hit-productions.

In early 2021, the company presented to the international market Globo’s new business strategy and its impact on international offer of content. Under the “One Single Globo” concept, the company joined all video content entities of the group into one single brand, allowing integration of Free TV, Pay TV, streaming and digital properties. That meant an optimization of resources, identification of synergies between business units and one single content toward the organization of offers for serving the public in their journey throughout the day and across different platforms.

For the international market, that new phase represents the possibility of investing and offering more diversified and current content, conceived for meeting the demands of the new consumer. Following the movement of actively and carefully listening to all society, Globo’s product portfolio contemplates different segments, targets, based on plural and diversified stories.

Concerning productions, 2021 was marked by big hits by Globo worldwide. Telenovela "Sweet Diva ", that already aired in countries such as Argentina, Chile, México, Bolivia, Latvia, Porto Rico and Israel, also made history in the United States. The production was a phenomenon in the primetime of the Univision channel, with a significant performance: it attracted 1.5 million viewers a day, the audience leader in its slot among Hispanic channels. In its last week, it ranked #2 in American Free TV, ahead of channels such as ABC, CBS, NBC and The CW in the 10 PM slot. The plot stands out due to its powerful feminine cast, made up by actresses such as Juliana Paes (‘Total Dreamer’), Paolla Oliveira (‘Edge of Desire) and Fernanda Montenegro (‘The Other Side of Paradise’), who was nominated for an Oscar and won the International Emmy. This success was repeated across several territories, such as Argentina, Chile and Uruguay, where the production was also the audience leader, in addition to Latvia, where airing on TV3 Life channel the telenovela had an average share 7.3% higher than the average channel share.

Another great production of Globo that traveled the world in 2021 with success was telenovela "A Life Worth Living ". Airing on the Teledoce channel, in Uruguay, it reached the leadership of the slot in the viewer average in the 18-49 age demographic, and the plot ranked as the third most seen product in the entire country. The telenovela aired in channels such as Teletica, in Costa Rica; STV, in Mozambique; RTC, in Cabo Verde; Red Uno, in Bolivia; TTV, in Poland (in a slot never used before for telenovelas) and in the RTLplay platform, in Belgium. In Portugal, the production was the leader in its slot and one of the most-watched programs on Pay TV, increasing in 30% the viewership of the slot compared to the previous show.

The success of dramaturgy productions made Globo have four nominations in the International Emmy Awards, the greatest award in global television, with telenovela "A Mother’s Love", for “Best Telenovela”; Globoplay Originals Series "All the Women in the World ", as “Best Film or Miniseries for Television”; “Diário de um Confinado", for “Short Series” and "Cercados", for “Best Documentary”. Another achievement in 2021 was winning in three categories in the fourth edition of the international Venice TV Awards, which annually celebrates all products produced for/aired on television. Telenovela "A Mother’s Love" won the “Best Telenovela” award.

Docuseries Globoplay

Last year was also marked by the appeal of the docuseries genre around the world – and Globo’s investments in these productions. "On Behalf of God", a Globoplay Original docuseries about a scandal that shocked the world, it was licensed for the Mediengruppe RTL Deutchland group, for airing on the RTL Crime channel in Germany. The production reports the sex crimes and the duality of Brazilian famous medium João de Deus, a man who promised miracle healing, inspiring both fascination and disgust.

As for "Marielle: the crime that shook Brazil", it was presented as a highlight in the Berlinale Series Market, in Berlin. The docuseries takes the consumer on a journey of trying to understand what happened on the evening of March 14, 2018, when Brazilian activist councilwoman was assassinated together with her driver Anderson Gomes – a crime which, to this day, remains unsolved.

70 years of Brazilian dramaturgy

In 2021, Brazilian telenovela celebrated its 70th anniversary, 45 years of that period with a strong Globo presence in the sale of substantial and relevant productions in the international market. Reinforcing the relevance and competitiveness of the genre, in addition to the success of the production company’s telenovelas worldwide, Globo shares the reasons that make Brazilian telenovelas true success cases and business drivers in a digital event in a partnership with NATPE exclusively for distributors and buyers around the world. "NATPE V-Front Telenovelas by Globo: Big Hits Anatomy" revealed the cases of productions "Sweet Diva ", "A Life Worth Living" and "Once We Were Six".

“We have the challenge of always remaining relevant, whether in Brazil or around the world. People are changing, as is technology and business. Historically, Globo invests in creativity and talent, and we also dedicate ourselves to research, monitoring and analysis of trends in an active listening of our audiences and of society, for keeping up with the desires, the trends and for keeping Globo’s content, irrespective of genre, competitive content and a great business driver”, says Angela Colla, Head of International Sales of Globo.

Last year, Globo also innovated and released the first telenovela produced for streaming "Hidden Truths II". The provocative and captivating continuation of the success franchise, whose first part won the International Emmy in the best telenovela category and which was licensed for over 75 countries, premiered as a phenomenon in Brazil through Globoplay. The sensual and blockbuster hit thriller, an Original Globoplay production, had the best-performing premier of the platform and has already recorded the historic number of 50 million+ hours consumed on the platform since its release.

Presence of the main virtual tradeshows of the year

For over one year – even during the pandemic and despite the need for social distancing, Globo was present in the main tradeshows. In the 2021 edition of the MIPTV that was held virtually, Globo presented showcase “The Future Is Female”, which approached women’s empowerment with the premiere of Globoplay original “A Woman’s Fate” and the airing of contents that show the strength of women such as "On Behalf of God" and "The Future is Female". Moreover, Globo presented during the event, more agile versions of big hits such as "Brazil Avenue" and "Secret Truths" in the showcase “Global Hits Makeover”. Also, in the LA Virtual Screenings, in May, the highlight was the release of telenovela “Once We Were Six”, a classic family saga, a remake of a Brazilian literature success that was presented in a showcase in the event and was the second-most watched content of the entire platform.

New strategic partnerships

Always focused on offering the best experiences to the audiences, in 2021, Globo established strategic partnerships with important players in the international market for serving new markets around the world.

For the Latin American public, Globo’s partnership with Univision, one of the largest television networks in the world, which allowed that, in addition to telenovelas in Free TV for the United States– “Sweet Diva” and “Orphans of a Nation”, other audience-leading productions in Brazil were enjoyed across different platforms, such as PrendeTV streaming.

Another novelty was the partnership with MBC Group, which allowed the largest private multimedia company in the Middle East and North Africa taking to its viewers great productions such as "Where My Heart Is" and "Run for Your Lives".

Stressing the relevance of its portfolio in the Latin American market, Globo also has closed a deal with WarnerMedia Latin America for HBO Max, a subscription streaming platform where several big-hit telenovelas and series will be available in the catalog for users in the Caribbean and in Latin America – except for Brazil.

“The good results recorded in 2021 are a boost for what we are preparing for this year, following our strategy of strengthening and generating even more value to our international partners based on our content”, concluded Colla.