The telenovela first episode is going to be exhibited at a screening during the event on November 21 at 7h45am.

12 NOV 2019

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Globo is attending MIPCANCUN 2019, a TV fair dedicated to the Latin-American market which takes place from 20 to 22 of November at Moon Palace Resort in Cancun, Mexico. The telenovela "Orphans of a Nation" is one of the catalog highlights and will have a special screening open to the audience on November 21 at 7h45am at the Cancun Theater with the exhibition of the first episode.

The telenovela, which captivated the hearts of the Brazilian audience, tells the love story of Jamil and Laila, two Syrian refugees that have to leave their homeland and find in Brazil a place to rebuild their lives. However, to fully live their love, they must overcome obstacles and face a great revenge plan. Promised to the powerful sheik Aziz, Laila flees to São Paulo with her parents. Jamil, Aziz’s godson, is sent to Brazil with the mission to take her back to Syria and make her stick to the marriage agreement. Jamil, however, ends up falling in love with Laila and they both decide to get married, enraging Aziz who comes to Brazil in pursuit of them. After the sheik is mysteriously killed, his daughter Dalila follows her father’s vengeance plan and does everything she can to separate the couple because she believes they are responsible for her father’s death.

Written by Thelma Guedes and Duca Rachid – who won the Emmy International award for Best Telenovela in 2014 for "Precious Pearl" – and directed by Gustavo Fernandéz, ‘Orphans of a Nation’ brings the refugee issue to light as a background to create a riveting story, having as main ingredients empathy, cultural diversity and overcoming in the name of love.

Besides "Orphans of a Nation", Globo also takes to MIP Cancun the series "Aruanas", "Where My Heart Is" and "Second Call", recently released for the international market during MIPCOM in Cannes, as well as the show "First Time Parents".

Having the Amazon as scenery, "Aruanas" tells the story of four women that join forces to protect the environment. A co-production of Globo and Maria Farinha Filmes, the 10-episode series was released last July via the digital platform, and has just been added to Globo international catalog. Written by Estela Renner and Marcos Nisti, in collaboration with Pedro de Barros, the show highlights a very important theme: the need to preserve the rainforest and its biodiversity and, consequently, life. The series was chosen to be exhibited at Denver Film Festival, one of the most important cinema festivals in the world at the exhibition ‘Focus on a National Cinema: Brazil’ along with other seven productions.

Another show that stands out at MIPCANCUN, the limited series ‘Where My Heart Is" is an intense drama that tells the story of a brilliant and idealistic upper-class doctor who enters the dark world of drug addiction claiming for love and affection. The show was one of the productions mentioned by Virginia Mouseler, from The Wit, at the panel Fresh TV Fiction during MIPCOM 2019. Written by George Moura and Sergio Goldenberg, the series marks the debut of Luísa Lima as an art director, with direction supervision by José Villamarim from ‘The Party’, ‘Doomed’, ‘Above Justice’, ‘Siren’s Song’ and ‘Brazilian Avenue’.

"Second Call", a co-production of Globo with O2 Filmes, is a series that portraits the power of education in transforming lives, with stories of the struggles of educators and students, who even facing immense difficulties, live in a complex public school system, where education arises as a hope for a second chance. Released at MIPCOM, the series was written by Carla Faour and Julia Spadaccini, with Direction by Joana Jabace.

Another Globo production that is also part of the catalog and will be highlighted at the event: "First Time Parents". This comedy series tells the story of a couple who is about to live the greatest adventure of their lives: having a baby. Between joy and despair, the first-time parents will discover the real rollercoaster that is raising a child.

At MIPCANCUN, Globo will be available at desks 82, 83 and 84.