Globo's “God Save The King" to aired by NHK in Japan

From September 4th, Japanese audiences will be able to follow the telenovela on the Japanese Pay TV, “Channel Ginga” and on "Lemino", OTT platform run by NTT Docomo, INC.

2 AUG 2023

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After showing 'Brazil Avenue', NHK Enterprises Inc. (NEP), Japan’s public broadcaster, NHK's affiliate company, takes "God Save the King" to the country, a medieval telenovela with Marina Ruy Barbosa ('Total Dreamer'), Romulo Estrela ('A Life Worth Living') and Bruna Marquezine ('Brave Woman’). From September 4th, Japanese audiences will be able to follow the telenovela on the Japanese Pay TV, Channel Ginga and on Lemino, OTT platform run by NTT Docomo, INC.

The deal with NHK Enterprises Inc. strengthens Globo’s position in the area, increasing their presence in Asia. “We started our partnership last year with 'Brazil Avenue', one of our best-selling products around the world. Now, with the arrival of 'God Save the King' in the region, we have increased our presence in the territory. This shows that even with cultural differences, we have a portfolio with strong plots that can connect with different audiences,” comments Fabio Mauro, Content Distribution & Partnerships at Globo.

“NHK Enterprises (NEP) has been dedicated to showcasing exceptional TV dramas from across the globe in Japan. Building on the triumphs of Korean, Chinese, and Turkish series, NEP is now introducing the two captivating Brazilian TV productions: ‘Brazil Avenue’ and ‘God Save the King’ with the support of domestic partners this year. We wholeheartedly invite Japanese viewers to relish the remarkable quality and storytelling of Globo's programs and pave the way for a promising future of Brazilian series in the Japanese market," stated Eri Kubo, Senior Manager of Content Distribution at NHK Enterprises.

"Today's globalized world makes this cultural exchange between countries easier. Today we consume products from various regions of the world, and what we have produced in Brazil is great and of exemplary quality. 'God Save the King' doesn’t stay out of it. It was a telenovela that used a lot of technology to portray the epic and medieval environment which is little explored by us because it is not part of our historical reality”, says Romulo Estrela.

Written by Daniel Adjafre, with artistic direction by Fabrício Mamberti ('We Are Five'), 'God Save the King' is set in the fictional region of Gália, where the kingdoms of Montemor and Artena have lived in peace for a long time. Until some choices of their monarchs and their consequences directly interfere with the course of history.

“It is a story that already has, in essence, a very dramatic and very comic element: they are two brothers, one afraid of being king and the other abdicating the throne for the love of a commoner. Afonso gives up the destiny that was determined for him, a difficult choice, to try another path, which has countless consequences in his life and in his kingdom. Many surprises and twists are foreseen from this throughout the plot. At times, predestination to the crown weighs again, not simply because of being the firstborn in a family of nobles. It is a drama with many elements of comedy, which work harmoniously”, concludes Adjafre.