Globo's "In Your Place" continues to attract worldwide audiences

Airing in Europe and South America, the story marked the comeback of brand-new telenovelas in Brazil after the pandemic.


Cauã Reymond.


A success among Globo’s productions in 2022, “In Your Place” is already traveling the world: the telenovela was launched in August on Teledoce Uruguay, and has replaced “A Life Worth Living”, a telenovela licensed to over 60 countries, in RTL Hungary. Written by Lícia Manzo (“The Life We Lead”), the story is also being aired on Canal 13 Chile, since June, and in SIC Portugal, since July. The superproduction also marked the comeback of brand-new telenovelas in the Brazilian primetime after pandemic hiatus at Globo Studios.

"The telenovela 'In Your Place’ reinforces Globo’s ability to tell universal stories that connect with people from different places and backgrounds. Lícia wrote The Life We Lead, which has this mark of contemporary relationships and has already been in more than 130 countries, being today one of the telenovelas with the highest number of international sales,” comments Angela Colla, Head of International Sales al Globo.

In the story of “In Your Place” human and family relationships will focus on a work that reflects on the various opportunities - or lack of them - that we face during life. The twins Christian and Christofer (Cauã Reymond, of ‘Brazil Avenue’, ‘Iron Island’, and ‘Above Justice’) live in different realities after being separated at birth. The reunion of the two precedes a tragedy, where Renato is murdered and Christian takes his brother’s place, aiming for a chance at a new life. The identity change will bring consequences to everyone around him, including Lara, the love of his life.

“It was very impactful because one of the brothers is adopted and the other is not. The sorrow remains, the desire to have had the same opportunities. I give myself to all my characters, but ‘In Your Place’ is part of me. In my work, I give my emotion, my time, my focus, my determination, I give a huge part of who I am for a period. May this work generate a lot of reflection, besides entertainment,” says the actor Cauã Reymond.

“The central plot of the telenovela contrasts people in a very underprivileged place with those people who are said to be privileged. And it shows what are the consequences of these identical brothers being materialized in such opposite lives. Seeking to be in your place, if you have possibilities, resources, tools, you are already a human facilitator, but unfortunately many of us don’t have that,” adds author Lícia Manzo.

Directed by Maurício Farias, “In Your Place” has a cast that includes names like Alinne Moraes (Time After Time), Andréia Horta (Empire), José de Abreu (Brazil Avenue) and Marieta Severo (Hidden Truths).

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