Globo´s "Land of Desire" and "Perfect Love" arrive in Uruguay and El Salvador

These productions are two soap operas that have enjoyed considerable success in 2023. Both of them have the backing of being produced by Emmy winners.

29 FEB 2024

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Audience hits shown in 2023 on Brazilian TV Globo, "Land of Desire" and "Perfect Love," arrived in Uruguay and El Salvador through agreements with Teledoce and TCS, respectively. In Uruguay, the soap operas premiere in the first half of 2024. With a lasting partnership with Globo, Uruguayan network Teledoce has the second season of "Hidden Truths" on air and has already shown plots such as "Pantanal," "The Path," "Brazil Avenue," and "Never Give Up." Furthermore, in agreement with the Salvadoran television network TCS, Globo's exclusive partner in El Salvador, "Perfect Love" premiered this month, and "Land of Desire" is scheduled for release in May 2024.TCS has already aired Globo telenovelas such as "Never Give Up", "Rising Sun" and "God Save the King".

Regiane Marcílio, Globo's Content Distribution & Partnerships, described the company's strategy: "Latin America is a strategic territory for us, and Teledoce and TCS are long-time partners of Globo, who have been taking our stories to Uruguay and El Salvador for a few years. We believe that 'Land of Desire' and 'Perfect Love' will be very well received by these audiences; they are telenovelas with award-winning authors and a cast known by the international market. Furthermore, they are plots that complement each other, while 'Land of Desire' is a denser drama, 'Perfect Love' is a light plot for the whole family." 

"Land and Passion," by Walcyr Carrasco, winner of the International Emmy for "Hidden Truths," tells the story of Aline (Barbara Reis from "All The Flowers"), a young woman who sees her family wiped out by a crime. Driven by the desire for reparation, her story intersects with the family of Antônio La Selva (Tony Ramos, from "India: A Love Story"), divided by ambition and many secrets. A success during its airing, 9 out of 10 Brazilian homes watched the show.

Meanwhile, "Perfect Love" by Duca Rachid, two-time Emmy-winning author of "Orphans of a Natio" 'and "Precious Pearl" by Júlio Fischer and Elísio Lopes Jr, is a love story in its different forms and expressions, freely inspired by the work "The Miracle of Marcelino" by the Spaniard José María Sánchez Silva. In the first 100 chapters, the telenovela reached more than 138 million people in Brazil.