Gruppo Alcuni's animated series get high ratings on KiKA and Rai

“Mini Pet Pals Start School” and “Vlady&Mirò” have strong ratings on Rai Yoyo, while “Leo da Vinci” has exceptional success on Germany’s KiKA channel.

28 JUL 2022

“Mini Pet Pals Start School”

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Gruppo Alcuni announces top score ratings for their new series “Mini Pet Pals Start School” and “Vlady&Mirò” both currently airing on Rai Yoyo, along with an exceptional success for “Leo da Vinci” on Germany’s KiKA channel.

With the English language version in the works and a 5th season in pre-production, "Mini Pet Pals" (S4, 52x6’2D Digital) is, for Francesco Manfio, CEO and Executive Producer, “a growing brand which continues to offer new creative opportunities and phenomenal results, as we can see from being 2nd overall on Rai’s content for pre-school.”

A captivating tribute to iconic slapstick cartoons, "Vlady&Mirò" (26x5’ 2D Digital) is also making its way to scoring high ratings on Italy’s national channel. An funny family-friendly show, we follow a raccoon’s madcap attempts to stop his bear friend from snoring.

Targeting kids and pre-teens, the delightful adventures of young genius “Leo da Vinci” is a hit with German youngsters, with repeated top-of-the-chart ratings on KiKA. A Gruppo Alcuni co-production with Germany’s HR/ARD, Rai Kids, France’s All Rights Entertainment, and Cosmos Maya Animation Singapore, 2nd season production with teen Leonardo da Vinci in Renaissance Europe is in full swing (52x13’ CGI, English dubbing) and slated for an August 2023 debut.