Internationally awarded productions reinforce the presence of Globo products in the Asian market.


Globo has sold its superseries "Hidden Truths" and the series "Jailers" to Hulu Japan, the main streaming platform in the region. The partnership was advertised at NATPE Miami, and marks an important expansion of Globo in the distribution of content to the Asian market.

“We have been historically close to the Japanese audience and, in the last few years, we have consolidated our production for multiple platforms, exploring different formats and screens, such as streaming”, adds Raphael Corrêa Netto, Director of International Businesses at Globo. “The partnership with Hulu Japan only reinforces our commitment to quality content, which is capable of traveling through many countries and cultures. We expect the awarded series ‘Hidden Truths’ and ‘Jailers’ are a great success in Japan”, concludes.

Hulu Japan will seek more Latin American content to its platform. "We are thrilled to introduce our first acquisitions of 2 drama series from Globo to the audience in Japan, as we are keen to present unique and outstanding shows from around the world which Japanese audience would not had a chance to watch if it were without Hulu Japan. With this acquisition as a kickoff, we look forward to exploring a further deeper collaboration with Globo going forward”, adds the CCO of Hulu Japan, Kazufumi Nagasawa.

In this first semester, the streaming platform will make available Globo products subtitled and dubbed in their native language. "Hidden Truths", International Emmy winner for best telenovela in 2016, was a big viewing hit in Brazil, with an average reach of over 27 million people on the late prime time. In the world, it was sold to over 70 countries, including the United States, Spain, Argentina and South Korea. Written by Walcyr Carrasco, with artistic direction by Mauro Mendonça Filho, the plot tells the story of a teenager who dreams of becoming a top model, but she ends up getting involved in a prostitution scheme and knowing an important businessman who will change her life. The story explores the limits of obsession, power and pleasure, using the fashion world as a background.

A co-production between Globo, Gullane Filmes and Spray Filmes, "Jailers" was inspired by a homonymous book by the renowned Brazilian physician Dráuzio Varella and brings another great story for the Hulu catalog. Awarded the Great Prize by the Jury of the Mip Drama Screenings, the series was sold to countries like the United Kingdom, Argentina, Chile and Italy. The story views the Brazilian penitentiary system from the standpoint of the police officer Adriano (Rodrigo Lombardi, from ‘Old River’ and ‘Edge of Desire’), the professional in charge of guarding the inmates, who faces daily struggles of incarceration: his own and his his inmates’. Wholesome and against violence, his word is his greatest weapon. He uses it to guarantee minimum tranquility inside the work environment, while the dilemmas at home take unexpected proportions, even for someone who is used to dealing with extreme situations.