"Molang" Youtube channel hits 100.000 subscribers in five months

The channel launched in June 2023 features Molang and Piu Piu “IRL”, interacting with their fans in video concepts presented by human hosts.

3 NOV 2023


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Millimages’ flagship property "Molang" has just hit 100,000 subscribers and over 12.6 million views on its new YouTube Influencer channel, in barely 5 months. The innovative channel launched in June 2023, and features Molang and Piu Piu “IRL”, interacting with their fans in video concepts normally presented by human hosts: gaming, ASMR, reactions and various challenges.

Molang and sidekick Piu Piu have proven especially popular influencers in Latin America, home to 20% of the channel’s new fans and over 3 million views. Mexico is the number one most popular territory globally, closely followed by Indonesia and the United States. The strongest target group worldwide continues to be Millennials which make up two thirds of all fans and audiences.

Kévin Maintrot, head of digital content strategy and creative director of the project, is thrilled: “Molang YouTuber is a unique concept that fulfills the curiosity of both fans and newcomers, which is surely one of the reasons we have gained so many followers in such a short period of time! Producing this content is a learning experience to better understand what people want to see Molang doing. We now have all the data we need to take things to the next level in the upcoming second season... stay tuned!”

"It is a great achievement to reach 100.000 subscribers so quickly on this new channel, for a whole new audience segment. Making Molang and Piu Piu Youtubers was a bold move, and we are very happy to see that it is paying off, that this channel is finding its audience. We have great ambitions for Molang on YouTube, and this is only the first step” concludes Adrien Moretto, General Manager of Millimages.

New, entirely original ten-minute episodes are released every Sunday. The content is produced by Millimages’ world-renowned studio in Paris with a dedicated 16-person creative team including writers and creative directors managed by the company’s in-house Social Media team.