23 OCT 2020


The distribution arm of RAI inked an agreement with the production company Titanus for digital conversion of 400 films for large-scale distribution.


"La Ciociara"


The production company Titanus has reached an agreement with Rai Com that will guarantee the digitization of its library of 400 films for large-scale distribution.

The main functions of the agreement are conservation and modernization: Titanus will restore the films in its possession, integrating where necessary with subtitles and translations, while Rai Com is entrusted with national and international distribution. 

“The Titanus shield becomes a synthesis of tradition and modernity: this agreement with Rai Com allows us to preserve and modernize a cultural heritage of which we have been jealous guardians over time; we entrust it to a partner of certain ability and experience who will be able to further enhance and disseminate our precious film collection,"  said President Guido Lombardo. 

"This collaboration with Titanus is certainly an important page in the history of great Italian cinema. Distributing such a prestigious library is a source of pride for our company. Our goal is to continue to enhance the quality film heritage and Italian culture at an international level," said the CEO of Rai Com Angelo Teodoli. 

Titanus is the oldest Italian production company, founded in 1904 and which has produced some masterpieces of Italian cinema, including "La Ciociara" by Vittorio De Sica and "Il Gattopardo" by Luchino Visconti.

Rai Com is responsible for the diffusion of Italian products in Italy and around the world and can boast coverage of over 40 international markets and a digital catalog of over 4,000 hours.