Youngest Media’s format distributed by DRG is also now into production with CJ ENM in South Korea and optioned to NENT Group for the Nordic region.


DRG has confirmed that Youngest Media’s innovative, prime time entertainment format, "Small Fortune", has been optioned for Latin America in a pan-regional deal with Sony Pictures Television (SPT). Under the agreement, SPT’s distribution team will roll out the unique physical take on the gameshow format in the Latin America market.

Billed as the world’s smallest physical gameshow, "Small Fortune" was devised by Youngest Media and initially commissioned as a 6 x 60 series by ITV. It aired in the UK in a Saturday primetime slot in 2019 and is due to launch in the US on NBC in 2020. "Small Fortune" sees teams of friends and family members compete in tiny games set in perfectly miniaturised worlds, often replicating well-known landmarks or historical sites, in order to win big money.

Selina Nederhand, VP content strategy and acquisitions at Sony Pictures Television comments: “We are thrilled to have acquired the option for 'Small Fortune', which is different from anything else we’ve seen in the market,andwork closely with the talented teams at youngest Media and DRG. We believe this entertaining format, which can be easily localized to any country in Latin America with its use of popular national landmarks, will be a strong addition for our clients in the region.”

Scott Kirkpatrick, DRG’s SVP Americas was responsible for negotiating the deal with SPT. He says: “Sony Pictures Television is such a dynamic and experienced entertainment brand that it is the perfect partner to develop and roll-out 'Small Fortune' across Latin America. At a time when most physical gameshows are getting bigger and bigger, 'Small Fortune' bucks the trend and delivers a unique look and feel of its own, successfully supplying lots of jeopardy and emotion. We cannot wait to see the format’s progress in the region.”

DRG is also delighted to confirm that "Small Fortune" goes into production in South Korea this week after concluding a deal with CJ ENM. The resulting four-part pilot series will premiere on CJ ENM’s tvN channel in February. An option for the gameshow has also recently been acquired for the Nordic region by NENT Group. 

Lucas Church, co-founder of Youngest Media adds: “It’s wonderful to see 'Small Fortune' make its way around the world. DRG has done a fantastic job helping secure such wonderful partners and we are excited to work closely with both Sony Pictures Television and CJ ENM to create their own versions of the show.”

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