Superights confirms second season of "Koumi’s Animated Picture Book"

The release, produced by Le Regard Sonore, comes two years after the first season's introduction.

31 MAY 2022

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Superights is very glad to welcome a new set of 52 episodes for its preschool series "Koumi’s Animated Picture Book."

The season 1 has already convinced many broadcasters around the world such as China on uYoung, Hong Kong on Now TV, Indonesia on Mola TV, USA on Minno, Australia on ABC Commercial, Slovenia on RTVS, Czech Republic on Ceska Televize, Israel on HOP, Ethiopia on Canal +, Latvia on LTV, Kosovo on Art Motion Media, Japan on Me Interactive and Canada on TFO.

The new season will be presented at MIFA, with 26 episodes already produced and ready to broadcast. The edutainment program combines 2D animation and live-action footage.

"Koumi’s Animated Picture Book" follows Koumi, a 6 year-old playful girl who travels the globe to discover new animals. Throughout the series, Koumi invites kids to a journey where creatures are filmed in their natural environment.

This new season will come in addition to the first one, presenting new places and discovering 52 new animals.The educational side of the program enables kids to be introduced to new creatures while developing curiosity and observational skills.