Talpa's game show "A Quiz For You" heads to Germany

The show will premiere on SAT.1 with Jörg Pilawa as a host. His production company Herr P. will produce the series.

14 JAN 2022

"A Quiz For You"

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After two successful seasons in the Netherlands on SBS6, Talpa's feel-good quiz show "A Quiz For You" will premiere on SAT.1 in Germany this spring. SAT.1 announced that presenter Jörg Pilawa signed a long-term deal to host the show. His production company Herr P. will produce the series.

Sebastian van Barneveld, Director International Distribution: “We are excited to announce that this warm quiz show finds a second home outside the Netherlands.”

On "A quiz for you", four celebrities try to earn as much money as possible. The viewer at home can play along and also earn money via the special app. So far, nothing new... However, on this game show, all the money earned by the celebs goes to one person: someone who really needs and deserves this money, but who doesn’t have a clue… yet.

While the show is being recorded, this unsuspecting individual is visiting the house of a friend or family member. The house is rigged with hidden cameras. They will be in for the surprise of their life when the host appears in the living room to tell them: ‘This quiz - and all the money in the prize pot - is for you!’.