It is the first modern feature-length film depicting the revered religious and cultural icon. "Lady of Guadalupe" is produced by Robert Hymers and Pinnacle Entertainment.

19 OCT 2020

"Lady of Guadalupe"

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Vision Films has acquired worldwide licensing rights for "Lady of Guadalupe" from Executive Producer Robert Hymers and Pinnacle Entertainment. Director and writer Pedro Brenner led a production that proudly boasts an exclusively Latino team – investors, executives, actors, and crew - every person involved in the making of this film is connected to Latino culture. Worldwide rights for "Lady of Guadalupe" are now available and Vision is seeking a theatrical partner in the US and Latin America.

Lise Romanoff, CEO and Managing Director of Vision Films says, “This film makes a powerful and important statement that will inspire people of all faiths, that appreciating and connecting with our roots reminds us of who we are in our daily life. 'Lady of Guadalupe' is a beautiful and unique way of telling this story for a younger generation through the eyes of a modern-day journalist.”

Executive Producer, Robert Hymers states, “I am honored to have had the opportunity to produce this culturally significant film about hope, faith, and love. 'Lady of Guadalupe' transcends religious beliefs and speaks directly to several important and basic human qualities that are more important now than ever before. It was an enlightening experience to be able to celebrate my Latin roots by producing a story about Juan Diego and the pivotal role he played during a major paradigm shift in Mexican history. I truly hope that you enjoy watching the film as much as I enjoyed making it!”. 

Director, Pedro Brenner shares, “When I think of the story of 'Lady of Guadalupe', I think about Juan Diego, a humble man that, with nothing more than his devout faith, gave hope to millions and united a nation. Since that time, empires have come and gone and, after five centuries, that legacy of hope remains the defining force of the Latin culture. In that sense, the Lady of Guadalupe became not only an intrinsic symbol of hope but also a symbol of Latin Cultural History and a Rosetta Stone for the Latin Culture that helps people understand the amalgamation of the Latin heritage and what it means to be a Latino in modern-day.”


Based on true events, "Lady of Guadalupe" is a moving religious discovery juxtaposing folklore and the present day. Historically significant recreations are used to illustrate the origin of her prevalent and powerful symbolism of Mexican identity and faith. When a young and ambitious reporter (Guillermo Iván) is assigned an article on faith, he finds himself enmeshed in the legend of Juan Diego and Our Lady of Guadalupe. Skeptical of miracles and the importance of modern-day Christianity, the reporter’s investigation takes him from cynic to true believer as his personal limits are tested.

The international cast includes popular film and telenovela stars including, Guillermo Iván (Telemundo’s, "Al Otro Lado del Muro"), Eric da Silva ("O Atentado", "Valor da Vida"), Paola Baldión ("Portraits In A Sea Of Lies"), Huitzil Sol, Rudy Miera ("Milagros"), Norman Patrick Brown ("The Thin Red Line"), Kimberley Aria Peterson ("The Long Short"), Jesús Lloveras ("Tercer Grado"), and Glenn Craley.

This film makes a powerful and important statement that will inspire people of all faiths, that appreciating and connecting with our roots reminds us of who we are in our daily life” Lise Romanoff CEO and Managing Director of Vision Films