Winsing unveiled several new IPs at Licensing Expo China

The company offered two anticipated IPs for different audiences, the 3D animation "Mega Meow" and the slapstick comedy "Mongo".


Winsing Animation


Winsing Animation recently showcased a range of popular flagship IPs, including "GG Bond", "GOGOBUS", and "Team S.T.E.A.M.!" at the Licensing Expo China (LEC) from June 28 to 30. Junior-oriented IPs, "Mega Meow" and "Mongo", were unveiled during the market. The event was a huge success, with many participants and licensees showing a keen interest in the various genres covered by Winsing's line-up.

Winsing offers two anticipated IPs for different audiences. "Mega Meow", a 3D animation series of Mecha adventures aimed at children aged 6-9. Set in a fantastical world, the show tells the story of cute cats transforming into superheroes with greater power to save the world. "Mongo", a three-minute animated slapstick comedy about the daily battle of cute pets under the same roof. With the debut, new IPs has generated a lot of interest, and licensing opportunities are available for all categories.

As the market proliferates, Winsing plans to deploy the IP matrix of all age groups to find new audiences and new consumption scenarios, there by upgrading the brand value and marketing potential, for which Winsing launched its original IP "THE SHEEP," a featured character for young people, and displayed a wide range of sheep merchandise on-site. Furthermore, during the past decade, Winsing’s flagship IP "GG Bond" and "GOGOBUS" licensees have exceeded a hundred in China, covering licensing for commercialization, publishing, promotion, and new business. By far, Winsing has involved products in many industries, such as toys, garments, food, and tourism.

Following, Winsing will participate in the Korea Character Licensing Fair (KCLF) in mid-July with the new IPs. Winsing is excited to continue looking for cooperative businesses worldwide to expand their global reach.

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