The French producer and distributor has developed new films, series and documentaries with Key partners in North America.

10 JUN 2021

"Kalahari Land Of Secret Alliances" (ZED 2021)

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In 2021, ZED is pursuing its growth strategy in North America where it is developing major projects with its partners. The French producer and distributor is producing "Flyways: Migratory Shorebirds, The Ultimate Journey" (52'&90') produced by Christine Le Goff alongside Storyland PTS and HHMI Tangled Bank Studios, for ABC Australia, ARTE France, PBS and PTS. The film directed by Randall Wood, It is scheduled for delivery in late 2022 and follows the efforts of scientists to understand the migration routes of five of the world's most enduring species, opening a reflection on the world we wish to leave to future generations.

The second project is "Kalahari, Land Of Secret Alliances", an event series of 3 episodes of 52 minutes directed by Pierre Stine. Produced by ZED (Manuel Catteau & Floran Sax) and Patrick Morris for France Télévisions and Blue Ant Media, the series explores another version of the living world: A natural world that is less selfish than we first thought. It is scheduled for delivery this summer.

"Lion Dynasty, A Matter Of Pride" is a 52' documentary directed by Jean Barraud and Romain Quillon. Filmed over 10 years, this film tells the unique saga of a lion pride fighting from generation to generation to maintain its dynasty in a hostile, punishing, African land. Produced by ZED (Manuel Catteau) for ARTE GEIE and National Geographic, the film has just been finalized.

"Hitler's Disastrous Desert War", a 52' full archive historical documentary directed by Yvan Demeulandre, written by Olivier Wieviorka and produced by ZED (Manuel Catteau & Marion Claus) for France Télévisions and National Geographic. Based on the most recent historiography, the film recounts all the military operations that took place in North Africa between 1941 and 1943. The film will be delivered next month.

Finally, "Vikings: The Ghost Ship And The Forgotten Kingdom Of The North", a 52' & 90' docudrama directed by Pierre Stine on the 2018 discovery of a 1,200-year-old Viking burial ship in Norway. Thanks to exclusive access, both a scientific and historical investigation, this film produced by ZED (Floran Sax) for France Télévisions and Curiosity Stream, will follow this extremely rare archaeological excavation step by step to reveal who has been hiding inside this mysterious Viking coffin for over a thousand years. The film is scheduled for Summer 2022.