ZED stands out during the 2022 Global Doc Joint-Funding Competition

"Destination Moon: The New Space Age" produced by Valérie Abita, directed by Laurent Lichtenstein, was awarded.


"Destination Moon: The New Space Age"


On the last day of the World Congress of Science and Factual Producers’ 30th edition (Glasgow), the winning projects in the International Science Documentary Funding Competition were announced. The aim is to fund three blue-chip science documentaries. Amongst the 55 projects in the running, ZED’s standalone production "Destination Moon: The New Space Age" produced by Valérie Abita, directed by Laurent Lichtenstein received the award.

Awarded, "Destination Moon: The New Space Age" enchanted the jury according to their criteria. Combining archive images, experts’ interventions and impressive 3D imaging techniques, it narrates the history of the Moon’s conquest while anticipating the future missions of the Artemis program, planning to send a female astronaut on the Moon for the very first time.

ZED also distinguished with another project "Resurrection Planet", produced by Christine Le Goff, that received the “honorable mention”. Alongside the French producer ZED, the winners are Lion TV for its project "The Lost Wonders of the World: In Search of the Hanging Babylon", and Blink Films with the documentary "The Forest."

The World Congress of Science and Factual Producers is alliance between France Télévisions, Channel 4, ZDF (Germany), CBC (Canada), SVT (Sweden), ABC (Australia) and ORF (Austria). The producers were asked to submit documentary projects that must either deal with a major scientific field — archaeology, paleontology, geology or space exploration — or highlight the solutions science can provide to save the planet. The jury — with a representative for each broadcaster — paid particular attention to the quality of the narrative, the use of modern filmmaking techniques, but also the representation of women’s voices — whether it be behind or in front of the camera.

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