15 FEB 2024

Insight TV launches two interactive FAST channels on Bolt+

The inaugural distribution deal will see INTROUBLE and INWONDER debut on the social TV platform across the US, UK, and Australia.

15 FEB 2024

Insight TV

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Insight TV announces a collaboration with Bolt Global and its pioneering social TV platform, Bolt+ through which two FAST Insight TV’s channels now available via streaming and digital delivery to Bolt+ audiences worldwide. The inaugural distribution deal will see two INTROUBLE (sports and action) and INWONDER (science and technology) debut on the platform, enriching the Bolt+ portfolio and expanding access to compelling, story-driven content for viewers across the US, UK, and Australia.

Natalie Boot, Global VP of FAST, Insight TV: “We are delighted to join forces with Bolt+, this collaboration signifies our shared commitment to innovation and audience engagement, and introduces our captivating and original content to new audiences through Bolt+'s dynamic platform. We are excited to be a part of Bolt+’s efforts to redefine the future of digital entertainment."

On INTROUBLE viewers can enjoy content such as "Graveyard Carz", "Breakthrough: Women Changing the Game", "Dropped", and Extreme-E races, while INWONDER delivers "Ancient Engineering", "World of Bridges", and "Nigel Latta Blows Things Up".

Jamal Hassim CEO of Bolt Global: "At Bolt+, we’re creating a social environment on television for our channel and advertising partners to develop deeper engagement with their viewers. Bolt+ supports our content partners with engagement tools such as live chat, viewer donations, a built-in social media platform, rewards and promotional material so that the traditional 'lean back' viewer experience becomes a 'lean forward' one. This is the future of TV and live streaming.”

Insight TV's hugely popular channels bring another dimension to the slate of content genres that are already live on Bolt+. The platform’s social features will enable fans of the INTROUBLE and INWONDER channels to chat in real-time with, and about, the shows they love. Whether on TV, mobile or web, they can interact with their favourite shows, with the content producers, the stars, with Insight TV, and with each other. Advertisers within the channels will see a much bigger impact from their advertising dollars through the ability to directly engage with, and reward Insight TV viewers for their participation.