25 JUN 2024

INSIGHT TV launches four FAST Channels on Live TVx in partnership with Anoki TV

Anoki’s personalized generative AI content discovery feature will enable INSIGHT TV's FAST channels and content to be more easily discovered on the platform.

25 JUN 2024

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INSIGHT TV is set to expand distribution across the US, with the introduction of four FAST channels, INTRAVEL, INFAST, INTROUBLE, and INWONDER on Anoki TV’s LiveTVx, further boosting INSIGHT TV’s reach across North American CTV’s.

INSIGHT TV’s FAST channels diverse content can now be reached by Live TVx viewers in North America. The use of Anoki’s personalized generative AI content discovery feature, will enable Millenial and Gen-Z audiences in the US looking for Travel, Lifestyle, Wildlife, Science & Tech, Survival, Sports and Men's Lifestyle content to easily discover INSIGHT TV’s content and FAST channels.

INTRAVEL viewers will be able to see the world with titles such as, "My Greek Odyssey" and "Travels with Darley". INFAST viewers will be able to watch new INSIGHT ORIGINALS, like "A Simple Path" S3, "Journey Within", as well as upcoming summer programming stunts like, "Going for Gold!". INWONDER viewers will be able to see popular series like, "Xploration Outer Space" and "The Re-Inventors". INTROUBLE viewers can experience branded blocks like "Monster Hour", and sports programming such as "Breakthrough: Women Changing the Game", and "Extreme-E."

Mark Romano, Vice President of the Americas at Insight TV, says: "This new partnership is very exciting as it allows us to deliver our informative and inspiring content to even more viewers in the US and globally. With Anoki TV's innovative AI features and INSIGHT TV's dynamic and original programming, it can now be easily discovered and enjoyed by viewers."

Marc Zand, Chief Content Officer at Anoki, says: "We're excited to introduce INSIGHT TV's content to our viewers as we expand Live TVx in the US and globally. Anoki's Live TVx uses advanced AI for a hyper-personalized FAST experience, helping viewers easily discover and engage with premium content from our partners. The addition of INSIGHT TV's channels further enriches the variety and quality of the content available on Live TVx."

Following recent agreements with Fubo, TCL, and VIDAA, Insight TV channels can now be found on 187 platforms, across 56 Countries, and in 12 languages.