MIPTV 2024: Insight TV to launch more lifestyle, sports, and travel shows

The slate of the company features themes of human spirit and resilience with titles like "The Ride Life with Sung Kang"; and "The inspiring Resilience: The Els Visser Story".

3 APR 2024

"Roads Unknown: India"

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Insight TV features a captivating content slate at MIPTV 2024 (Cannes, April 8-10). The diverse offering celebrates the human spirit, taking viewers on exhilarating journeys across lifestyle, adventure, sport and travel and the remarkable achievements of those who push the limits of what's possible.

Insight TV’s slate includes "The Ride Life with Sung Kang" (6x44') features Fast & Furious star Sung Kang exploring the world's most captivating car cultures in locations around the world, including Poland, the U.S., the UK and more. "South Seas Spearo" (12x60') plunges viewers into the adrenaline-pumping world of competitive spearfishing off the coasts of Australia and New Zealand. "Roads Unknown: India" (8x30' + 16x1') offers an inspiring and refreshing take on travel with Jessica Zahra journeying through the vibrant landscapes of India.

The slate dives deeper with stories of human spirit and pushing limits. "The inspiring Resilience: The Els Visser Story" (1x60') documents the remarkable journey of a shipwreck survivor who defied the odds to become an inspirational Ironman Champion.
Following the international success of the FAST Original series "Paradise Kitchen: Bali", Insight TV continues to push boundaries. "Streetball with Kenny Dobbs" (10x22') brings the legendary streetball icon to the forefront, showcasing the electrifying world of street basketball.

In addition, Insight will bring its library of cutting-edge content, including the popular, "Khanh Ong’s Wild Food" (10x44’), as well as evergreen favourites such as, "Ghost Chasers" (10x48’), "Chasing Fish" (6x48’), "Graveyard Carz" (13x48’) + (13x48’), and "Ultimate Goal" (6x44’)+(6x44’).

Sam Thompson, Global Vice President of Content and Distribution, Insight TV commented: “Our new slate of shows is brimming with visceral and immersive docu-style content. It's knowledge-based and curious and I think it offers Insight TV’s millennial audiences more of what they want, which is new original content that informs and inspires”