26 JUL 2022

OTTera hires Larry Schwartz as Chief Revenue Officer

He will be responsible for leading commercial strategy, strategic partnerships, and customer-centric operations such as sales, marketing, and services.


Larry Schwartz


OTT/FAST Channel service OTTera has selected C-suite revenue, strategy and marketing professional Larry Schwartz as Chief Revenue Officer to lead OTTera in sales, commercial strategy, partnerships and customer-facing operations.

Schwartz has extensive C-suite experience in innovation and growth for media, digital and emerging technology companies. Prior to joining OTTera, Schwartz served as General Manager - Digital for Anthem Sports and Entertainment.

"Larry Schwartz's executive experience in the digital media environment, matched with his entrepreneurial vision and leadership, makes him a natural asset to OTTera's team," said Stephen L. Hodge, Chairman and CEO of OTTera Inc. "He has already begun to streamline revenue operations and explore ways to grow the business from day one."

"As a client, I came to know OTTera, the company and people, and was impressed by the level of customer service, their offering, and OTTera’s rapid expansion in the OTT sector. With a vast global presence and revenue opportunities all over the world, I’m excited to work with the OTTera team to capitalize on the company's market differentiating intellectual property, and the massive potential through identifying and executing growth strategies across OTTera’s sales, marketing and business operations," said Schwartz.