20 JUL 2021


The new initiative promotes technological innovation projects and supports the digital literacy process and the technological innovation of the audiovisual industry.

20 JUL 2021

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Thanks to the two-year agreement with the Ministry of Economic Development of Italy (MISE), a new “Innovation for Creative Industries” program was born within the MIA (International Audiovisual Market), to promote technological innovation projects supported by the Ministry, encourage and support the digital literacy process and the technological innovation of the creative and audiovisual content industry as an essential asset to be competitive on the global market.

“Supporting new experimental projects within the audiovisual sector is for me and for this Ministry a fundamental step towards growth and developmentsays Honorable Anna Ascani, Undersecretary at MISE. “The two-year agreement between MISE and MIA – explains Ascani – goes in this direction and I am proud that our creative companies will have the opportunity to develop innovative audiovisual products, in addition to the projects we have been putting in place to support them. We have the necessary skills and knowledge, and it is our job to offer adequate tools”.

The program provides activities lasting the 24 months of the Convention and intends to achieve the dual objective of presenting the audiovisual industries with opportunities arising from technological innovation and at the same time “encouraging a virtuous dissemination of ideas, skills and creativity. Objective: generate new opportunities for the economic development of creative companies and create innovative audiovisual products to integrate culture, art, training with the new multi-platform technologies. This will allow us to reach out to new audiences,” underlines the President of ANICA Francesco Rutelli.

“The program is an important opportunity for our audiovisual companies, as to support them fuel the important digital transformation taking place in the sector by tendering further tools, which, together with the renowned and renewed Italian production capacity and creativity, can increase our competitiveness more and more at an international level,” reaffirms APA President Giancarlo Leone. “We believe – concludes Lucia Milazzotto, director of MIA – that a structural growth leading to such important technological transformation as to give our companies new stamina and at the same time bring our audience closer to new innovative contents, is an essential investment within the current competitive international arena. We are therefore happy to launch this new program, which will certainly contribute to the economic development of our industry in the new digital ecosystem of the future.”

Through a series of promotional actions and meetings, starting from September 2021 and during the next MIA to be held from 13 to 17 October, the Ministry of Economic Development offers creative industries an intense program of in-depth study and analysis on the opportunities stemming from new technological innovation projects: from the development and integration of the cutting-edge 5G for the production, distribution and high-resolution streaming of live content, to the use of content in augmented and virtual reality; from issues related to Media and Minors for the search of technological solutions to social and cultural matters, to the enhancement of the talent ecosystem through digital innovation, from IoT to AI, to blockchains and to audiovisual services; from the benefits of archives, up to gaming and the new perspectives of online training.

The first step towards this important project to support creative businesses within the field of technological innovation is the recently published call for bids of the Ministry of Economic Development dedicated to the audiovisual sector. The call aims to support new research projects based on 5G technologies in the production and distribution of audiovisual content, also through partnerships within the audiovisual industry, cultural institutions, educational organizations, as well as telcos and technology providers. The goal is to experiment with innovative solutions aimed at proving the ability to support the digital transformation of the country’s creative and cultural industry within the audiovisual media service sector. Applications may be submitted by sector companies even in joint ventures by 26 July 2021.