MIPCOM 2023: Globo to offer new soap operas and Globoplay Originals

The event's launches include Globoplay Originals ’The Life Ahead', ‘Xuxa, a Life on TV’ (working title) and ‘Bruno and Dom, Murder in the Jungle’ (working title).

26 SEP 2023

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Globo arrives at MIPCOM 2023, an event that brings together big names in entertainment in Cannes, with its main launches of the year. Among the highlights are the telenovelas ‘Land of Desire' and ‘Perfect Love', and Globoplay Originals such as ‘The Life Ahead', ‘Xuxa, a Life on TV’ (working title) and ‘Bruno and Dom, Murder in the Jungle’ (working title). The company is also betting on scripted formats of Emmy-winning titles, such as ‘Hidden Truths', which won Best Telenovela, and 'Sweet Mother', awarded in the category of Best Comedy Series and Best Actress, with Fernanda Montenegro, as well as other successful formats such as ’Total Dreamer', ‘Above Justice', ‘Iron Island', ‘Siren’s Song' and ‘Normal People’.

"More than producers of series and telenovelas, we are storytellers. We believe that our content is universal, with strong plots that can win over all kinds of audiences. With scripted formats, we've expanded our possibilities even further. We have the ambition to see our biggest hits in local adaptations, combining Globo's DNA with our clients' culture," said Gabriel Bonelli, Head of International Sales al Globo.

As part of the MIPCOM schedule, on the 17th, at 10:15 am, in auditorium K, the company will present the screening of ’The Others', a Globoplay Original series created by Lucas Paraizo, author of ‘Under Pressure'. In the story, which brings up a universal discussion about intolerance and the difficulty of dialogue in today's society, two neighboring couples lived by Wando (Milhem Cortaz, from ‘A Mother’s Love') and Mila (Maeve Jinkings, from ‘Land of the Strong'); and Cibele (Adriana Esteves, from ‘Brazil Avenue') and Amâncio (Thomás Aquino) clash after a fight between their sons, Rogerio (Paulo Mendes) and Marcinho (Antonio Haddad). On Globoplay since the end of May, ’The Others' has reached the mark of the most consumed series ever published on the streaming platform in Brazil, considering the first 60 days of publication*.

MIPCOM also marks the launch of two telenovelas for the international market. Currently airing in prime time in Brazil, ‘Land of Desire', a classic family drama, is written by Emmy winner Walcyr Carrasco (‘Hidden Truths' and ’Sweet Diva') and directed by Luiz Henrique Rios (’Total Dreamer' and ‘A Life Worth Living'). The show is nominated for the Produ Awards, an award that promotes Latin and Spanish productions, in the category of best telenovela.

‘Perfect Love' by Duca Rachid, a two-time Emmy-winning author with ‘Orphans of a Nation’ and ‘Precious Pearl', Júlio Fischer and Elísio Lopes Jr, with artistic direction by André Câmara, is a story of love in its different forms and manifestations, freely inspired by the work "Miracle of Marcelino", by the Spanish José María Sánchez Silva.

Among the Globoplay Originals productions, the titles 'The Life Ahead', ‘Bruno and Dom, Murder in the Jungle’, ‘Xuxa, a Life on TV’, and ‘The Kiss Nightclub’ (working title) will be presented for the first time for the international market. The event will also include the ‘Anti-Kidnapping Unit’ franchise, which has a new season.

Set at the turn of the millennium, between 1999 and 2000, 'The Life Ahead' is a series that addresses the timeless dilemmas of late adolescence and early adulthood through the story of six friends. The documentary ‘Bruno and Dom, Murder in the Jungle’ follows the last steps of indigenist Bruno Pereira and British journalist Dom Phillips, who were killed in the Amazon region of Vale do Javari in June 2022, the investigations surrounding the case that gained international repercussions and the work they carried out with native peoples.

The documentary series ‘Xuxa, a Life on TV’ explores aspects of the life and career of Xuxa Meneghel, one of the biggest pop stars in Brazil and Latin America, who has transcended several generations. A success in Brazil, it was the most consumed documentary ever published on Globoplay*. Also in the format of a documentary series, ‘The Kiss Nightclub’ recounts the succession of events that led to the death of 242 young people in the southern region of Brazil in 2013 and shows the twists and turns of a legal process whose outcome remains unpredictable.

"When the market opens discussions with Globo, it is sure that it will find a great diversity of content. Whether it's an audience leading telenovela, a new series, a landmark documentary or even a format from a big hit. And at MIPCOM we are bringing this variety. These are Brazilian productions with universal aspects, which engage people even if they are in different parts of the world because they deal with themes inherent to the human being. We are open to forming strategic partnerships to take our products even further," commented Angela Colla, head of International Business and Coproductions at Globo.

Globo's portfolio will include other recent launches, such as ‘All the Flowers' and 'extremistas.br', as well as ’Never Give Up', a finalist in the Produ Awards in the short telenovela category.