23 FEB 2023

Winsing Animation to unveil its new animations at HKFilmart 2023

The Chinese company has prepared a lineup with more than ten titles of new animated series and films to release at the HK International Film and TV Market in Hong Kong.

23 FEB 2023

Winsing's work-in-progress anime "XUWU"

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Winsing Animation is poised for HK International Film and TV Market (HKFILMART) that will take place on March 13-16 in Hong Kong and where the company will unveil the upcoming slate of new animations in the Guangdong Pavilion.

With the return of HKFILMART operating the in-person trade event in three years for the first time, the quest for the market's recovery is accelerating. Winsing seizes the chance to grow and expand in animation production during the hard times. Accordingly, in this four-day film and TV rights market, Winsing has prepared a content-rich lineup, with more than ten titles of new animated series and films to release. Taking the lead is the latest animated feature film of the GG Bond Racing franchise, "Racing 72H", a highly anticipated family film set to premiere in theatre this year. In addition to the well-known animated series of Winsing's flagship IP referring to "GG Bond" and "GOGOBUS", in parallel with "Team S.T.E.A.M.!" which will be aired on Hong Kong VIU TV starting from February 27.

Winsing will unveil multiple work-in-progress animation titles that target different age groups on HKFILMART, particularly exquisite youth-oriented 3D-animated series regarding genres of fantasy adventure, mecha action, cyber conception, hand-painted-style sitcoms, and Chinese traditional culture and myths.

Winsing will hold a substantial project presentation to introduce several new anime slate at Filmart, to seek partners in programme distribution and co-production.