12 MAY 2020


The Chief Marketing Officer at Penthera details the current consumer trends in Europe, explains the concept of frustration and reveals the solution for the OTT providers.


Penthera is a global software company that develops and deploys products allowing consumers to watch mobile video content seamlessly, even when they don’t have a strong internet connection.

The company elaborated a very interesting report where they analyzed mobile streaming behavior in Europe.  “We are seeing more viewers are watching mobile around the world, specifically in Western Europe,”, indicated Jodi Susman, Chief Marketing Officer at Penthera to Señal News. “46% of the European stream on mobile every day and 27% stream every week, so we think that is a trend that is just going to keep growing,” asserted.

According to the Penthera report, viewers have so little patience for streaming issues. “89 % of Europeans have been frustrated by video rebuffering or taking too long to start or been annoyed by the ads and when they are frustrated, about a half of them give up completely and try later,” explained Susman.

In opinión of the Chief Marketing Officer at Penthera, download has become a solution for many OTT providers. “They are using download as a way to combat playback issues, buffering, lag, low quality video and any connectivity problems that the consumers have when viewing content,” affirmed.

To Susman, those current trends in Europe are going to keep growing. “I think it is going to become a pretty standard and a requirement of what consumers will expect because they are going to have less and less patience,” indicated. “A lot of people associate the ability to download content with being on the go but what we are seeing is 80% of downloaded videos are happening while consumers are connected online, it’s happening at home so downloading is a better  experience and that trend will continue,” added.

As a conclusion, the report shows almost 400% more activity in downloading from a year ago and 4.7 millions videos were downloading this March. “We saw almost a 300% increase in the number of devices that are downloading content” explained Susman.

By Romina Rodriguez

46% of the European stream on mobile every day and 27% stream every week, so we think that is a trend that is just going to keep growing” Jodi Susman Chief Marketing Officer at Penthera