21 NOV 2022

Nancy Koff: "A major part of bulbKIDZ mission is to connect culture to kids"

The Co-Founder and EVP Content Strategy & Global Sales of the kids' expert company details the properties they are representing in the global market and anticipates the goals in the short future.

21 NOV 2022

Nancy Koff

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Canadian-U.S.bulbKIDZ is a multicultural kids entertainment group that acquires, develops, produces, and distributes premium children's titles for global consumption. "A major part of our mission is to connect culture to kids," affirmed Nancy Koff, Co-Founder and EVP Content Strategy & Global Sales at the company.

At the last MIPCOM, bulbKIDZ represented Winsing Animation Chinese animated shows "GOGOBUS" and "Team S.T.E.A.M.!.", as well as the Israeli preschool series from Twist Animation "TuTiTu", and "NuNi". "It's really important to find the right partners that represent shows that are not only meaningful, but also shows that evoke empathy, humor and a lot of heart", asserted Koff. The executive also said bulbKIDZ likes to partner with those companies that represent a universal appeal to the universal audience. "Both Winsing and Twist have an incredible understanding of what relevant content represents, whether the titles are being broadcasted locally, or in another country", she added.

Additionally, bulbKIDZ is promoting an original IP called “Alien Baby Sitters” (26 x 22’), a high quality animated series for 6 to 11 years old produced with Carl Reed of Composition Media. The comedic adventure is a series about three tween babysitters who rely on their skills, quick wits, and unshakeable friendship to entertain and protect the identities of four extraordinary extraterrestrial toddlers from inquisitive onlookers, and one very nosy neighbour! “Friends come in all shapes, sizes and species, and "we're excited to find the right partners to bring this wonderful story to life", she said.

bulbKIDZ is focusing only creating and distributing properties that have a meaningful connection to kids, and they do it through, obviously, animation, but also through entertaining storytelling that promote curiosities and discoveries with compelling characters. The challenges started changing when the audiovisual landscape started changing and the digital platforms irrupted in the scene. Despite this, Koff said "while the landscape might be continuously changing, the kids will always be craving good content, so we need to be cognizant of matching what they're looking for, and ensure that they're receiving captivating stories that speak to all cultures, and bring it to the screens in whatever format that may be", she commented. "We look for the proper connection, whether it be through linear or digital platforms, while simultaneously take into account where the best viewership will find a home," she added.