10 JUL 2020


“Our stories are your stories” is the short film that all the public broadcaster had launched simultaneously to celebrate the role UK broadcasters play across the culture.

10 JUL 2020

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A unique collaboration sees the BBC, ITV (STV for viewers in Scotland), Channel 4 and Channel 5 come together for the first time to share a special film for all viewers at the same time across their biggest channels (21 channels in total will simultaneously broadcast the film). This rare TV moment will mark and celebrate the role UK broadcasters play across our culture.

The UK’s free to air broadcasters aim to provide focal points that reflect and even shape life across the nations. The value of this has been highlighted in recent weeks with viewers seeking trusted information as well as entertainment - demonstrating the power of their television and digital services to bring people together during a period of profound uncertainty. Free to air broadcasters also support and invest in the UK creative economy, commissioning programmes from independent production companies across the country.

The message "our stories are your stories" is brought to life with the help of Uncommon Creative Studio - who was appointed by the broadcasters to create the campaign - in a two-minute film, which represents the way the broadcasters echo lives across the nations and resonate beyond the screen.

Tony Hall, BBC Director-General, says: “British free to air television - commissioned from the UK and produced in the UK - is here for everyone. We bring people together for the big moments - from a royal wedding to the World Cup. We are there at times of crisis and to provide comfort, laughter, education, and entertainment. We do something special for the UK and provide authentic British programmes that our rivals simply don’t offer.”

Carolyn McCall, Chief Executive, ITV says: “Our mission is to tell stories that reflect the diversity of life today in our nations and regions. We aim to engage with viewers from all walks of life. From the excitement of our big entertainment shows to the power and creativity of dramas and soaps to the depth and breadth of our documentaries and national and regional news and sport, our focus is reflecting a full range of experiences, bringing people’s lives centre stage and providing insight into how we see ourselves as well as how we look out into the wider world.”

Alex Mahon, Chief Executive, Channel 4 says: “Channel 4 has a unique role to play in public service broadcasting - we were created to challenge the status-quo and in doing so tell the stories that otherwise may not be told. This mission and with it our commitment to super-serve the young audiences who place their trust in us and authentically represent and reflect the diverse experiences of people across the UK has never felt more urgent and important. This film is an incredible celebration of British storytelling and the beautiful, harrowing, funny, and necessary stories we collectively share with the audiences we serve.”

Ben Frow, Director of Programmes, Channel 5 says: “The importance of PSBs is clear to see in this turbulent world. We inform and we entertain, with powerful content for everyone in Britain. On Channel 5, viewers are at the absolute heart of every show we make, with a diverse and expanding range of programmes - from drama to documentaries, entertainment to the extreme world. We are proud to be part of this united campaign celebrating the role the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, and Channel 5 all play for the nation.”

Simon Pitts, Chief Executive of STV says: “The variety and quality of the content of PSBs represent all aspects of people's lives, from our news and current affairs to drama to our leading entertainment, we make a unique contribution to British life. This film showcases and celebrates the richness of this contribution.”