10 JAN 2022

Globo's greatest hits debuted in Teledoce Uruguay

The telenovelas “Run For Your Lives” and “Once We Were Six” began to be shown on the afternoon of Teledoce, preceding the production indicated for the International Emmy “A Mother’s Love”.

10 JAN 2022

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Two new Globo productions arrived in Uruguay through the Teledoce screen. These are the soap operas “Run For Your Lives” and “Once We Were Six”, which began to air in the afternoon, preceding the production indicated for the International Emmy “A Mother’s Love”.

In “Run For Your Lives”, Uruguayans will be able to see the adventures of Alexia, Luna and Kyra (Déborah Secco, Juliana Paiva and Victoria Strada) who, after witnessing a murder in Cancun, Mexico, become part of the Protection Program for Witnesses to escape from criminals. Back in Brazil, they assume new identities and go on to live in a small inland town, leaving all their lives and dreams behind. Or not so much. The production was the audience leader in its slot in Brazil, with a 13% growth in the audience of the time slot compared to the production previously broadcast.

Next, the public will be moved by the trajectory of the Lemos family in three different decades (1920, 1930 and 1940), in “Once We Were Six”, inspired by the book by Maria José Dupré, a classic of Brazilian literature. The telenovela tells the story of Lola (Gloria Pires), a stubborn mother willing to do anything so that her four children remain united in the face of the social and economic difficulties of the early 20th century.

"The plot revolves around the strength of this woman and her family, who live with few resources, but surrounded by affection," says Angela Chaves, author of the family saga, who was also a leader in her strip in Brazil.

And, later, after the period novel, Uruguayans will continue to be moved by the episodes of “A Mother’s Love”, a telenovela indicated for the International Emmy, which shows the strength of Lurdes (Regina Casé) to protect their children and to find the son Domenico, in addition to learning more about the love of two other strong women, Telma (Adriana Esteves) and Victoria (Taís Araújo), who do everything in the name of love for their children.