15 SEP 2020


Through a multi-channel commemorative campaign, over four weeks it will recognize the histories, cultures and contributions of the largest minority group.


Hemisphere Media Group Inc. (HMTV) is commemorating Hispanic Heritage Month, an annual four-week long celebration that kicks off on September 15th in recognition of the histories, cultures, and contributions of the nation’s largest minority group. Despite the very challenging social and economic environment triggered by COVID-19 and its impact on Hispanics/Latinos, there remains a lot for the community to celebrate: a 2019 report from the Peterson Institute for International Economics, an independent nonprofit, nonpartisan research organization, found that the U.S. Hispanic community was a significant contributor to the country’s economic growth in recent decades, while a separate report from the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals found that Hispanics/Latinos outpace the growth of other demographic groups in homeownership, household formations and labor force participation.

Hispanic/Latino-owned businesses are flourishing, and Hispanic/Latino students represent one of the fastest-growing demographics in higher education. The community is also more likely to believe in core parts of the American Dream—the idea that through hard work and determination, success is possible. Taken together, it’s no surprise that the rising influence of Hispanics/Latinos can be seen and found everywhere: in politics, media, science, cuisine and the arts.

In a nod to the national observance, HMTV has leveraged its five U.S. Hispanic cable networks, Cinelatino, Pasiones, CentroAméricaTV, Televisión Dominicana and WAPA América, to create a cross-network campaign celebrating the vital role Hispanics/Latinos play in the daily fabric of American life. Each network will feature a commemorative on-air logo and graphics package throughout the month, emphasizing the cultural pride instilled by HMTV brands. Promotional efforts will also include special messages and shout-outs from popular talent who, in their own words, will share the contributions and richness of the culture as well as their views on what it means to be Hispanic/Latino.

Dubbed #OrgulloHispano365, the campaign goes one step further than the standard celebratory fare, calling attention to the fact that for Hispanics/Latinos and other marginalized communities, the pride felt for culture and heritage is an integral and regular part of daily life. It is lived and breathed; it is not something that can be easily commodified into specialized months that approach the recognition and celebration of the community in the same way year after year. The campaign seeks to symbolically address and break through this narrow approach to the appreciation and acknowledgement of Hispanic/Latino contributions while still embracing the spirit of the month.

“We aim to uplift Hispanic/Latino narratives, provide a window into what makes each community within the larger population unique and special, offer a platform for much-needed representation and help maintain a connection to culturally relevant news, customs and entertainment through our content and programming,” said Alan J. Sokol, President and CEO of Hemisphere Media Group, Inc. “We understand that while Hispanics and Latinos are typically viewed as a homogenous whole, the community is not monolithic, and each subgroup has unique needs and interests that need to be catered to thoughtfully. Furthermore, we recognize that while honoring Hispanic/Latino innovators, leaders, trailblazers and the community at large is a positive endeavor, the existence of a separate month points to a void in the way America validates and recognizes the community’s experiences. At HMTV, we are honored to commemorate Latino heritage and contributions every day, and thank our viewers and partners for allowing us the opportunity to do so. Hispanics have, and will continue to persevere in the United States—and that is always reason to celebrate,”  concluded.