FilmSharks promotes its new Spanish Sci-Fi-thriller, "Pacific"

The high profile film budgeted nearly U$S 10M gathers a Mexican, US hispanic and Colombian cast, and it will be delivered during 4Q 2023 or 1Q 2024.




Argentinian distributor FilmSharks is starting the pre-sales of its new Spanish language Sci-Fi- thriller "Pacific" and will share in Cannes 2023 the firsts footages and promos of the high profile film budgeted nearly U$S 10M. "Pacific" is a Colombian-Argentine co-production, directed by Latam helmer Gonzalo Gutierrez ('G.G.') and now it is in post-production with plans to be delivered during 4Q 2023 or 1Q 2024.

The film starring by Manolo Cardona ("Undertow"), Maria Gabriela de Faria ("The Exorcism of God"), Ricardo Abarca ("Miss Bala"); Christopher Von Uckermann ("Rebelde") Claudio Cataño ("Thousand Fangs") and Maria Nela Sinisterra ("Corazon de Leon"), dips into ancient South American lore as it turns on a group of young travellers who are stranded on a Pacific island where they face an alien presence kept secret by the natives for centuries.

"Pacific" was produced by Mauricio Brunetti's Patagonia Films and Guido Rud's at FilmSharks and it was partially funded by Colombian film entity Proimagenes, Argentine film institute INCAA. It was shot at a location in the Colombian capital of Bogota as well as Colombia's coastal region of Choco and its jungles along the Pacific coast and now in post-production in Buenos Aires.

Mauricio Brunetti said: "When this project started it was with the conviction that 'Pacific' is the beginning of a new way of making high quality genre films, which will show what we are capable of doing in Latin America by bringing together the best artistic elements."

Gonzalo Gutierrez added: "I strongly believe that 'Pacific' is very likely to be a 'before and after' in the Latin American genre cinema".

Guido Rud completed: "I meet GG almost 15 years ago and we worked on financing his first feature film project and I knew he was going to shine as a director and artist, and you can clearly see that in 'Pacific'. Now we are working on the VFX to deliver the picture by the end of year, but this is the one of the films that gets sold-out before you even have the delivery of the materials because everybody is chasing it now."