Encripta, the leading Brazilian media content distributor, acquired the rights to a number of action-packed TV series produced by NTV.

31 MAR 2020

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NTV finally did its enter into the Latin American market after closed a deal with Encripta, the leading Brazilian media content distributor, who acquired five Russian shows. The Brazilian distributor purchased rights to online broadcasting, Free and PayTV of "The Sacrificing", "The OPERAtive", "Five Minutes of Silence" and "Nevsky" and "Mukhtar. The New Trail", throughout Latin America.

“Encripta chose projects that mix various genre features while staying true to NTV’s focus on action-packed content and themes pivotal to the global media market: strong female characters, real-life stories and solid crime narratives. By entering the Latin American market, including OTT platforms and over-the-air broadcasting, we have made significant strides toward achieving our goal of global content distribution,” says Timur Weinstein, NTV General Producer. 

“For us, this new partnership with NTV is a great achievement in our objective of expanding boundaries and acquiring new types of content. At Encripta we prize quality and variety for our clients and final consumer, and these great NTV projects, of all types, bringing us just that," says Luiz Bannitz, Head of Content.


The plot of "The Sacrificing", a powerful period drama, is based on real-life events. It’s a story of a court officer that managed to save about 50 unjustly convicted people. The female character in the show is truly the focal point tying the narrative lines and driving action and plot. 

"The OPERAtive" intertwines the fates of an actor coming to a police department to better get into his character and a female detective dreaming of becoming an actress. The police agents accompanied by Mukhtar, a shepherd dog, have already been solving the most challenging cases for 16 years. 

The TV show "Mukhtar. The New Trail" remains a hit in Russia and Eastern Europe while the action series "Five Minutes of Silence" follows the lives of an EMERCOM team. 

Crime thriller "Nevsky" is a permanent headliner of NTV content library that repeatedly became the best prime-time show drawing record audiences in Russia and abroad. The show’s viewership share in Kazakhstan, for example, reached 40%.


On April, 18 the 17th annual live broadcast of the pivotal Orthodox rite, "the Miracle of Holy Fire" will air again on NTV. For 15 years straight, NTV Channel has been broadcasting the ceremony live from the very heart of Jerusalem.  The show always draws big audience, with 12-year average share holding steady at 17%.

"It’s an absolutely unique product from NTV, with a very complex multi-camera set up filmed by 12 cameras and a 100-people crew. Buyers from many top channels in Bulgaria, Romania, Greece and Ukraine showed great interest in this large-scale NTV broadcast.", asserted the Russian company. 

This ceremony occurs every year at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem on Great Saturday, the day preceding Orthodox Easter. The most original feature of the broadcast is the direct connection to the audience. Renowned priests and theologists comment the event while the channel’s special correspondent reports live from the church. The live broadcast is complemented with pre-recorded stories on Orthodox Christianity, Holy Fire and its history

Each media company that gets NTV’s HD-format live feed can use it to create content uniquely suited for their region, with minimum cost and generate really high ratings. "What we offer is HD live signal without any additional comments. Ukranian and Bulgarian TV channels purchased broadcasting rights for the unique NTV product." affirmed the company.


Encripta chose projects that mix various genre features while staying true to NTV’s focus on action-packed content and themes pivotal to the global media market” Timur Weinstein NTV General Producer