International broadcasters get on board on Pernel Media’s "Rise and Fall of the Mayas"

National Geographic, ZDFinfo and TV5 Quebec join RMC Decouverte and Histoire TV to the 4 x 60’ documentary series.

16 FEB 2023

"Rise and Fall of the Mayas"

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Pernel Media confirms a series of pre-sale and co-production deals on its documentary series "Rise and Fall of the Mayas" which features access to a groundbreaking expedition at Aguada Fenix, the oldest and largest Mayan site found to date.

Originally commissioned by RMC Decouverte and pre-bought by Histoire TV for the French market, National Geographic, ZDFinfo and TV5 Quebec will also broadcast the 4 x 60’ series worldwide apart from in the US, German-speaking Europe and French Canada respectively. ZDF Studios has maintained distribution rights to German-speaking Europe.

For the first time "Rise and Fall of the Mayas" ("Les Mayas, des origines à la chute") tells the entire story of the great Mayan civilisation from beginning to end. In 2020 thanks to LIDAR technology, archeologists discovered the largest and oldest site in Mayan territory to date, 1500 years older than other famous sites such as Tikal and Chichen Itza.

Executive producers for Pernel Media are Céline Payot Lehmann and Samuel Kissous. "Telling the story of a great civilization from beginning to end is a rare privilege that we managed by securing exclusives on groundbreaking archeological findings. That is what convinced our partners to come on board,” said Payot Lehmann, International Executive Producer at Pernel Media.