Jetpack lands global rights for Samka’s "Viking Skool" and "Once Upon a Time...Objects"

The announcement comes as Jetpack rolls out its brand-new line-up of shows ahead of MIP Junior and MIPCOM in Cannes this October.


"Viking Skool"


Jetpack Distribution has acquired the worldwide rights (excluding France) for two 2D animated shows from leading Paris-based animation studio Samka, the 2D comedy animation "Viking Skool" (26x22-minute episodes) and the 2D edu-tainment animated series "Once Upon a Time…Objects" (78x7-minute episodes). Both target 6 - 10-year-olds.

Dominic Gardiner, Jetpack’s CEO: says: “At Jetpack we have been ramping up our acquisitions even further, discovering more stand-out shows that really speak to the current needs of the global market. And those we’ll be rolling out for MIPCOM.”

"Viking Skool" is a co-production between Samka and Cartoon Saloon. A comedy series packed with action and adventure, the show centres on a ‘Viking Skool’ that trains the very best to be future Viking leaders. Ylva, Erik and Arni are three friends brought together at the ‘skool’, although for them becoming a Viking is a long shot! Bound together by their outlier status, their friendship grows as they meet various challenges. The three unlikely heroes show what a true Viking heart and soul looks like and that bravery, while not easy, is necessary. "Viking Skool" is due to air on Disney Channels and Disney+ across EMEA and on FranceTV in France.

"Once Upon a Time…Objects" is a comedy edu-tainment based co-production between Samka and Procidis, the creators of the original IP ("Once Upon a Time…") upon which the show is based. It is currently in development. It is due to air in France on FranceTV, Israel on HOT, in Switzerland on RTS and in the World on TV5MONDE.

The lead protagonist is Maestro, an animated hero who first appeared on French TV screens in 1978. After seven series that are still on air, now restored in HD, and with an expansive line of educational play products, he returns with a new series. "Once Upon a Time…Objects" is full of anecdotes and historical characters and blends a wealth of precise scientific information with the humorous tone that determined the success of the original series. More than 200 million books have been sold as well as 120 million DVDs worldwide.

Gardiner adds:“’Viking Skool’ and ‘Once Upon a Time…Objects’ are two brilliant additions that demonstrate what we’re all about as a business. With incredible and impressive creative leadership from Samka, Cartoon Saloon and Procidis, we are proud to bring these to the market.”