The Director of Sovtelexport, the sales arm of Russia Television and Radio, anticipates the titles that the company will bring to the next edition of the Budapest market and explains the advantages and disadvantages of virtual events.


Julia Matyash, Director of Sovtelexport


Russia Television and Radio is the largest national media company and public broadcaster that produces and brings high-quality content to virtually every home in the country. Sovtelexport is its sales branch, and distributes over 25,000 hours of its content worldwide.

The company presents top-quality original production that includes feature films, series, telenovelas, documentaries, entertainment and children shows for international audiences, and it has been working successfully on the global content market for 20 years, establishing and maintaining long-term partnerships with industry leaders all over the world.

Now, Russia Television and Radio is preparing itself to participate in the next edition of NATPE Budapest, which this year has been renamed NATPE Virtual Budapest, as it has turned into a digital market due to the global Covid-19 pandemic.

“Russia Television and Radio launches three new series: must-see drama ‘Zuleikha Opens Her Eyes,’ bone-chilling thriller ‘The Blood Widow,’ and gripping action ‘On the Edge’. Moreover, we are launching a new honest documentary: ‘Russia. Kremlin. Putin’,” said Julia Matyash, Director of Sovtelexport, in conversation with Señal News.

Virtual events are something new to this industry. Therefore, companies all over the world are trying to adapt to this model, and Sovtelexport is no exception. “On the one hand, virtual events are challenging indeed. The format itself is new for the industry and was created out of an urgent need because the physical markets got shot down. Since the format is so new there can be some shortcomings and deficiencies, technical ones mostly. Some platforms lack intuitive interface or it isn’t quite clear how the time zones will correspond to one another. But there are definitely some advantages of virtual events – people can attend the markets and hold meetings in a comfortable setting. They have a chance to really look into the content in a calm atmosphere,”  Matyash analysed.

The CEE region is one of the main focuses of the company, so NATPE Budapest is an important market for Sovtelexport. “The region is important for our distribution strategy. We are happy to cooperate with the largest TV companies and channels of the Central and Eastern Europe,”  the Director of Sovtelexport assured.

Just days ahead of the beginning of NATPE, the company’s goals are clear: “We are happy to present our new high-end projects at the market and we are looking forward to enhancing contact database, to strengthen our positions in the region and relationships with the old partners,”  Matyash concluded.

There are definitely some advantages of virtual events – people can attend the markets and hold meetings in a comfortable setting” Julia Matyash Director of Sovtelexport

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