The cable and satellite channel bought a package of over 300 episodes of celebrity and movie related programs from Prime Entertainment Group, including “Hollywood’s Best Film Directors”; “Stars!” and “Zoom In”.

28 OCT 2019

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The cable and satellite channel Shorts TV, just closed a significant deal with French producer and distributor Prime Entertainment Group for a package of over 300 episodes of celebrity and movie related programs. “We are truly glad to have closed this new deal with Shorts TV.  We are thrilled to bring episodes of ‘Hollywood Best Film Director’s’, ‘Stars!’ and ‘Zoom in’ to their audience and to know it is having such a success on their channel”, said Alexandra Marguerite, Head of Prime Entertainment Group in Paris.

To air in Mexico and Central America countries, this new deal includes Prime’s productions and bestselling celebrity and entertainment content, counting 65 episodes of “Hollywood’s Best Film Directors” (91x26’), 54 episodes of “Stars!” (105x4’) and 227 episodes of “Zoom In” (1000 x 6’30). All in all, this package offers 346 episodes of Hollywood celebrities, glam and glitter! This contract follows an initial success between Shorts and Prime for the airing of these episodes in Latin America and Asia.

Throughout the years, Prime’s ever-growing celebrity and entertainment portfolio has had a significant success among international channels in need of high-quality and high-energy programs, allowing Prime to do business with some of the biggest names in the TV industry, including Canal+, HBO, Viacom, Sony and Universal Networks. 

“Hollywood’s Best Film Directors” is a half an hour program offering a peak into the mind and the work process of some of the industry’s most renowned directors. Offering exclusive interviews and confessions, this program brings you to the set of your favorite director’s. “Stars!” is a four-minute glamourous follow up and biographical portrayal of Hollywood’s most famous and glamorous Stars. “Zoom In” is an exciting dive into the production of the biggest movies, covering stories, behind the scenes and more.

Shorts TV is a cable and satellite television channel dedicated to short film and Academy Award nominated short films. It is one of the markets leading short movies and entertainment companies with a substantial catalogue dedicated to this format. Operated by Shorts International and AMC Networks International, the network launched in 2008 in Europe and in 2010 in the US, and is now available for 40 million households worldwide.