ZED shoots its new in-house production "Normandy: Land of Warriors"

The 3-part original series was commissioned by CuriosityStream and is being produced for Curiosity in association with Histoire TV (TF1 Group).


"Normandy: Land of Warriors"


ZED is currently shooting a 3-part original series "Normandy: Land of Warriors" based on the stunning rise and fall of the Duchy of Normandy. The series is being produced for Curiosity, the leading global factual media and entertainment company, in association with Histoire TV (TF1 Group).

From the Viking invasions to the great sieges of Richard the Lionheart, this series will tell the story of how Normandy became one of the most powerful kingdoms in Europe in the 12th century, before it suddenly collapsed. An incredible military epic told through spectacular CGI, evocative scenes, modern infographics and exceptional testimonies of international experts.

Directed by Juliette Desbois, this 3x52’ series shot in 4K is scheduled for completion in October 2022 and is already available for presales. The Curiosity original series is coming to CuriosityStream in late 2022 and will be broadcast in France on Histoire TV between the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023.

Manuel Catteau, ZED’s president: “'Normandy: Land of Warriors' is an incredible saga about a dynasty of conquerors - from Rollo the Walker to Richard the Lionheart and William the Conqueror - who made Normandy the most powerful duchy in Europe in 300 years. It’s a never told, epic tale deeply rooted in medieval European history, told through the narrative style of fiction.”

John Cavanagh, Executive Producer for Curiosity: “This is the true story that became a legend about Viking warriors that dominated France, conquered England, led Crusaders to the Holy Land - and then lost a mighty kingdom. In just three centuries, the Normans completely changed Western civilization. Norse heroes, knights-in-armor, clashing swords, and palace intrigue - it’s an epic saga Curiosity viewers will love.”

For Christophe Sommet, Director of Histoire TV (TF1 Group): “We’re thrilled to join this ambitious project. By highlighting a new story with current narrative codes, this documentary series fits perfectly into the editorial ambition of our channel: to learn, understand and surprise. It is the perfect example of what we strive to offer our ever-growing audience: premium content with strong stories and unique perspectives.”