Sovtelexport, the official sales branch of Russia Television and Radio, highlights the premium series which was watched by more than 60 million viewers in Russia and offers the title to the rest of the world.


"Zuleikha Opens Her Eyes"


Sovtelexport, the official sales branch of Russia Television and Radio, highlights its new prime-time drama "Zuleikha Opens Her Eyes" which has been a huge success in Russia. It became the best prime-time series aired in Russia from the beginning of 2020. By now, more than 36.5 million viewers have watched it on TV and more than 30 million on the internet.

"Zuleikha Opens Her Eyes" (8х52’) is based on a multi-award winning novel by Guzel Yakhina inspired by her grandmother’s dramatic life. It centers on Zuleikha, a quiet and obedient Muslim wife, who is living with her abusive husband and tyrannical mother-in-law in a remote Tatar village in the aftermath of the Russian Revolution. When her husband is murdered by soldiers for hiding grain, she is arrested and sent to Siberia. Many of those with her on the horrendous six-month train journey to the place of exile don’t survive the first difficult winter. The remaining deportees are abandoned in the middle of nowhere. In this severe wilderness, she begins to build a new life for herself and discovers an inner strength aided by great love and wise acceptance.

“Zuleikha” tells how to transform the challenge of the most miserable circumstances into power and winning. Forgiveness, devotion, love, and truth make this weak woman so strong. “Zuleikha Opens Her Eyes” is a beautiful and magical story about the power of the human spirit based on real facts.

The series is directed by Egor Anashkin and was filmed all over Russia—from Moscow and Kazan to Uralian landscapes and the Arkhangelsk region near the Arctic Circle. The village of Ulbash, where Zuleikha lives with her husband and mother-in-law, was depicted by the museum of Tatar culture, Tatar-Avili, in Tatarstan. The settlement of Semruk was built in the Laishevo region near the Kama River specifically for the shooting of this series, and it will soon be turned into a tourist attraction.

Attention to detail was paramount in bringing the story to life with a huge amount of props and clothing and belongings sourced from flea markets for added authenticity. The central character is portrayed by a popular Russian actress of Tatar origin, ChulpanKhamatova, who says this role had a personal significance to her: there were exiles among her ancestors, too.

The success of the book showed the great value and appeal of the story all over the world. It resonates even more nowadays when people come to understand how drastically life can change, how hard sometimes it is to find the inner power to cope with the challenges imposed from the outside. This story gives the viewer power and belief that you can overcome everything and become even stronger.


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